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Mike cameron walks milton. Bradley ground. rule. Double adrian gonzales sacked fly khalil greene single josh bard run-scoring single kevin coups munaf fly ball. Jeff glum walk tim. Stauffer single scores runs brian. Giles up again. We've batted around at this point. Run-scoring double mike cameron homerun two run homer. Milton bradley singles. And then adrian could halas finally mercifully. If you can call it that knocks jason jennings game with another two run homer and as you might surmise other than the walks. There were a lot of short plate. Appearances here and Early in count swings. So that's about as terribly as you can start again am and lucas went onto higher numbers of runs as well but beyond eleven. You have to go into the second inning. So i'll put the spreadsheet online but yes you know. Sometimes it's very clear that you are having bad day at work very very quickly. Yeah or you could be like the lance lynn approach to this which i you quote. Tweeted his quote. That james tweeted recently. Which is when he's playing catch between starts lance. Lynn is always wearing a hoodie with long sleeves underneath which was still the case on monday as temperatures went into the high nineties. He explained that if you always feel miserable. It offers a sort of consistency. Each is an interesting way to think about things. Yeah i think he just needs to come on the pod and talk about his life and sweating. It's fine imagine how mad michael barone would be if we had lance lynn. That to my foley stopping the world's biggest lance lynn. Thin of got to admit i. I like winston to not as much as michael because no one does but I liked his quote last week. To where james speaking tweeted this too. How do you know when you're up to the task of throwing a hundred seventeen pitches. I'm a big bastard said linson. That's how i know it's not wrong. He's a large man. It's just delightful all right so that concludes a lot of interest that plastic for today. So we've gotta guess we're take a quick break and when we come back we will be joined by benjamin christensen who works for hat club and he is going to tell us about baseball hats which have caused stir in recent days and weeks because new era has put out a couple of lines of baseball caps i the local market caps and then more recently the mixed font caps and baseball twitter at least the portions of it that we belong to seems unanimous in agreeing that these are terrible caps. And what were they thinking and who would possibly by these and it turns out that actually people do that may be. There is a market for these. Maybe it is not so inexplicable that these hats. What the way they do. So as i've said. I don't claim to know anything about fashion. I don't even wear hats. So i'm totally out of my wheelhouse here and normally fashioned so subjective. We probably wouldn't even talk about it. We did pile on a little with the local market caps. 'cause it was just the chorus the refrain was so loud in condemning these caps. But we wanted to dig a little deeper and find out more about why these caps look the way they do. So we'll be back in just a moment to talk about that lab my small right. I want to start this segment by reading little passage about hats that was written by baseball prospectus. Shocker soman doctors. Nolde palam from the ringer so not trying to pick on him. Here just wanted to quote him. Because i think he sort of summed up the sentiments of baseball twitter when it comes to some of new era's recent hats. So.

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