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Charleston, Carole King, Daniels discussed on Sit and Spin Radio Network


I swear this cold is killing me you know i love living in charleston because it's warm well this week hasn't been warm at all and getting a little disappointed with that all this global warming you know it drives me nuts this whole rehashing of global warming have you noticed that it's coming back we've seen the climate deniers this week are climate deniers listen to me i've even bought into that phrase now know the climate change people have come in saying that climate deniers don't believe that climate change or global warming is causing the winners to be colder that's that's the rehash now of the logic or just completely insane we all know there's climate change i want to put this to rest right now i don't deny climate i mean that's ridiculous what a way to spend it though how genius that is to say well you don't it's not that you don't believe in global warming you deny that there's climate well of course there's climate there's four seasons the climate changes and all of them you know there's there's winter spring summer and fall carole king here and so it's not that i deny that it's that i don't believe that the earth is warming on a consistent basis i think that it changes between warming and cooling and warming again and then cooling again it's all based on the sun cycles and that's the way it was designed that's why we're able to live here but i don't i don't wanna get into all that today a just just sold those articles this week i'm not even going to read them because i don't care i just saw them this week let me tell you something else that i really just simply don't care about and that is this stormy daniels thing i'm telling you this is about.

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Charleston, Carole King, Daniels discussed on Sit and Spin Radio Network

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