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Sebastian remember among Islam? Is cornell. Mother was called to the scene and stabbed the three men. One died on the scene. The story made it to social media earning her reputation as the so called lion, mama. Nocco Banga says her initial reaction to the name line mama was to worry that people thought. She was a monster elegant Malaita for me at first I didn't like it because I couldn't understand. But in the end, I knew it meant I was a hero. Because when you look at a lion it would protect its cubs. So I ended up liking it. It was comforting because I got support from people. I never knew the public reaction even from beyond South Africa. Brought not just words of support. But donations as well while Bouche lay had agreed to do her work for free. There were other bills to be paid attached. To the case. There was also outcry over the idea that no Kabonga may be imprisoned for actions. This outcry put pressure on the national prosecuting authority who are facing calls not to charge. The line mama for the killing just over a month after the attack nocco Bongo was summoned to lady for a magistrate court to hear whether she would stand trial. Is going to court. I was scared. I woke up and said a prayer. I thought I was going to be sentenced that day. Boo. Tunisa? Her attorney remembers the support the turnout for the line, mama. Thing in the morning. The people on the street our women supporting women, even when we got to coordinate people outside she said, she just wants to remain in the car because you could see that to skid nocco Bonga had little time to taking her surroundings in court. She was quickly called before the magistrate own-goal quoting again. And when I got into court, I was called to the dock the magistrate asked me a few questions. And then I was told that the charges had been withdrawn. How do you react I didn't do match? I just stood there at that moment. I knew the Justice system is able to separate right from wrong. They were able to tell I had no intentions of taking someone's life..

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