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I figured I'd got got all those books on amazed. They were all available. They came back to the I got all these like started getting notices in my mailbox these like fluorescent colors. I got a call from the library of this is a crazy thing. And I brought all the books back, and it was like a a multi hundred dollar fine. All my God. Having had the books for two days or three days at this point. And these rare books are just books. So it was like, you know, something didn't have a lot of copying or something. But I had screwed the entire class. And I had humiliated I self and I hit incurred hundreds of dollars in fines. No ideal any of this worked, and I'm glad that I didn't go in and say like clearly, I'm going to be an Asian language. I'm glad that I was stupid enough a flunked out of and fail. That was humiliated by a lot of initial things settled things that I wanted to do that was more suited for and then ended up that finding my major that way it ended up sort of working out. So you leave college of two three or you graduate and and moved to the bay area. I moved to San Francisco, and you were Stanford. Yes. Not that far up. Right. And I was a little bit connected to the aids activist movement in San Francisco from being in a commutable distance, and how long between then and going to Oxford and moved to San Francisco must've been in nineteen ninety three I've moved to Oxford in nineteen ninety five ninety six I think so couple years and were you primarily doing him? I worked for Espresso Bongo. I prefer to I prefer to actually be what I think it might be. Actually, I miss forgive me. I mispronounced it was X-press. Oh bongo. Well, yeah. Because it was fast. Also junk alley it was actually a coffee place that was oriented toward west coast financial markets people in the markets open at nine AM, east coast open at six AM on the west coast. And so we opened at five so I'd have to be there for thirty. Who was my first job Stanford. That was awesome. Did it have a I'm sorry does do you have to wear any jungle themed, no safari house or anything, and okay was kinda Polynesian which too much says like kinda Tiki grass Gertie solid culturally appropriation based coffee strategy, cultural miserable. It was a confused thing. I worked there, and then I was I was in act up. And then eventually I got a job at a place called the aids legal referral panel. Which was which was a useful place. It was basically people who are HIV positive who needed legal help of any kind particularly people would need help with wills and power of attorney and that kind of stuff, and they could come to our p and get either directly will services from the staff attorneys, their they'd if they had more complicated thing. There was a poll panel of returnees who do that work for free. And I worked on the in the policy they had one policy. Shop one person who worked there who worked on basically laws that needed to be changed in. Nations that needed to be changed silicate this kind of stuff for people living and dying with aids. And I worked I was I was the secondary person in that shop that was really useful for me being street activist in all my personal time. And then have my work time the kind of lobbyist in a way. I mean, we were trying to get relations changed in definitely for a nonprofit causing with an activist mindset. But also in a crisis mindset, a lot of the people who worked there were themselves HIV positive. This is before protease inhibitors all the people who are working with everyday. Everybody was not just HIV positive a lot of people really in extremis. And so from that environment going to the state capital and talking about stuff that needs to be changed..

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