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He wasn't very accurate snapping the football which is pretty rare especially for a guy that was an all pro and pro bowler as often as he was so ben burgers pretty good at handling things like that but of course we saw in the playoff game. The steelers gave up a touchdown. Cleveland browns right away because an errand snap dot cannot happen. Plays like that and games period. You're giving up a defensive touchdown. It doesn't matter if it's in the first or fourth quarter dot is just a shot in the achilles heel and something. The steelers definitely had to try to overcome and clearly they didn't so the steelers cannot afford. Fumbles between the center quarterback exchange. So this is going to be a huge couple of weeks for kendall green to figure it out before week one because if not he won't be starting and bj finian jc has our are not good enough. Kindergarten needs to figure out those snaps and he needs to figure them out in a hurry. The next guy the oftens line. That is a very big question. Mark is one trae. Turner the brand new guard. The steelers just recently signed formerly of the los angeles chargers and the carolina panthers before that it the steelers managed to get the carolina panthers version of trae turner. They have very good gar in their hand. Five consecutive pro bowls returner is. He was a captain that team to he is someone that could come in. And if he's that talented could change the steelers offense align for the better that is asking a lot though because that trae turner of his los angeles charter. Days was not very good. That is because he battled some pretty significant injuries muscle pulls that is a year ago with the chargers. He struggled mightily because of it. And if he's not healthy those problems are going to persist trae. Turner the steelers need to get him at one hundred percent. Hopefully he's already dare. Who knows if he is but if he can be a healthy guard. The steelers have distorted approval level guard four season in in a year. Where if they hung onto david castro. It seems like they wouldn't have had anyone at all. That spot dave decastro gets released all of a sudden the steelers had the space debris and trade turner. Melvin ingram they still have some walking around money to sign another player because both those deals included void. You're so the steelers could flip. Dave decastro into three plus players on this roster. See if they can swing another move but all of a sudden now the steelers kind of have a guide there the other two guys. I will lumped together on this offense of line. It's chew chor for anzac banner. Both you're starting tackles. I'd be pretty surprised if either guy was supplanted by either joe hague or dan moore junior. I just do not see it from the depth guys especially this year. A core for is slipping back to his natural left. Tackle spot we know. He struggled a little bit in the running game. He's pretty decent as a pass blocker but a core needs to really step up. As at blindside blocker for ben rothlisberger. We saw alejandro villanueva. Really get torched a lot last year..

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