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I would actually I was a very big fan of the bitty beetle, which if you've had a Franco frog you'll understand it's it's a bit similar. So if you imagine am my if my memory serves me correctly, Betty beta was invented to use up the leftover chips of the honeycomb from the making of the violet crumble. So it's it's. It's the Betty bagel is a bagel about the size of Fred oak. But he has little troops of of honeycomb all the way through and you can still buy him at the what they they called shows in a strategy. But it's actually like a conical that happens once a year to showcase a farm animals. It's a bit of a strange vision, but you can buy a show bag when you go to one of these carnivals, and it will be filled with all sorts of goodies. And the -bility beta one as one of the most popular show bags of old time. However, if you like me and leaving the UK no way to get your hands on Betty, bagel. You are in a state if you're listening in Australia as you very very hot, particularly in Adelaide, forty six point six degrees. If you are an upward. I would suggest you get done to the red lion. Pub the publican that said that he would give people free beer, if the temperature reached a certain point it has he has an. A free via as Adelaide sizzles their signs of Bertie beetles appalling, waffles, they just melt wouldn't they interested? Joe Gina not interested. Thank you very much. Depend ryland. And thank you. We'll say to him full producing this show alongside Daniel bait on the research is -bility and mainly Evans studio manage it was ceremonials ultimate headlines. This music on the way, and Ben we'll be back hosting the continental shift on Georgina Godwin return. We'd liberalist at the same time tomorrow. Thank you. Phil listening..

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