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Always here for you ever hear me tell Washington local stations matter a Texan radio to five two eight eight six station message hi the martial arts cold judo the defender uses the force of the aggressor to defeat the aggressor Dr Michael Ziglar says that's what god did at the cross of Jesus he performed spiritual learn about god's merciful martial arts this week on the Lutheran hour Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty double we return to the story of oral Rogers and his doctor Kenneth Cooper founder and chairman of the Cooper institute located in ovals hometown of Dallas Texas of both of these guys well they come and help from Oklahoma but also be hearing from Marvel's daughter Susan is sons Rick and bill and his great grandson let's begin with doctor can cook for first of all it's not that amazing anymore people oppressed becoming support it really helps people pass of hundred years of dangerous still competing athletically runny vest that is extremely unusual one on one million he said his problems it was a fun one and all when I first met him at age fifty four that's forty six year old is first examination in nineteen seventy one possible to make every year after that what is happening is the system that it conforms recognized ninety three was when we discovered we have super corners initial what so ever since it was nineteen ninety three in two thousand eleven he had a major stroke for two thousand easily conventions relations up back here one as my running is a platform to speak the word for my lord became a Christian when I was ten years old and of my lord for two years now run and regs for people alongside me or near me who would vote for just a little bit as you approach the finish line two or three or four or five yards it.

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