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Just point of reference these idiots are making almost two hundred grand a year our money yeah just everybody's reminded okay so what you're you're selecting at your jobs you know not making up most of us are making what like I don't know a quarter of you know going to our jobs every day you know just swept away and these people are like wasting their time wasting our time all of our time and our money I mean you just take your money and set it on fire and they're basically saying the molar investigation didn't happen and that they need to keep investigating even though it's been investigated to death exactly I was just amazing though it was a colossal waste of time and he did it on purpose and I love him for it it will allow us our disgrace there something else grace. were you given any guidelines for the Democrats on the topics or subjects of your questions today. national best recollection. yeah because you know that is a problem we seem to have years based awards site is over blog subpoenas around here there's I mean we could talk today about your favorite football team I'm not patriots occurs you're pretty happy right now right times when it again the problem. I mean I hold that against them right now I mean it's fine. Tom Brady whatever this is this is how yesterday was spent how Democrats spent their time yet yesterday yeah this is Sheila Jackson Lee well that was because I was that was one of my favorites present do he calls you in to do what everyone else would do he called in to do his dirty work in secret because he knew it was wrong we will expose the truth behind president can hide behind you any longer. here to be telling the truth. will set you high. I set you free ladies expired the witness may answer the question. only the was a question kind of yes it was. the question here I'll be happy to repeat that just a rant..

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