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This is where a lot of this was. This was those things were happening. What I did is I defied US set of technologies that get more system signal input to the human body. Then it's used to so they will respond more than it's supposed to. This is literally hacking the signals of Mother Nature and I collected all those. I put them underneath where I'm recording right now. And eventually said I need to share this with the world because the ROI on exercise or recovery like this is much higher than it is from taking a nap so like how do we get more out of our day. This part of it and what you did when you did craft therapy is used that really cold temperature to tell the mitochondria the we call an ancient power plants but they're really environmental sensors and factories in the body that also make energy. We told them. Hey if you can't turn on a lot of heat really quickly. Then you're inadequate to make the whole body survive in this new environment that may include Colt therefore could all of the Week Mitochondria. Please step forward and die. They will be replaced with young ones. And when you I did that you felt probably really good afterwards because you wave of endorphins. When people do the the poor man's version which is in the morning a shower at your head and and specific at your chest where you're most temperature receptors. Are Your Body says. Oh I need to be ready to go so I can turn on heat quickly. Any cell that can turn on quickly can also turn on the electricity quickly. Basically you've upgraded the battery in your body when you do that. It's still shower work. Not as well as you're not as well and for the first three days you'll feel like you'll say Dave asprey Batman every time you do because it does not feel good to have that cold water on your face the fourth day. Though you'll say actually I feel really amazing. What just happened. What has happened is the level of Cardio Lipin in Your Mitochondria. Membrane has shifted so your cells are now more effective throughout your body than they were before or two day. One Minute yet that you do that. Some people plants themselves into pools. There's all kinds of people who can't afford going to your thing which is not inexpensive. Yeah is that. And then the infrared at the same time or that was that this is the thing you go into a sauna that is a sauna but has red lights correct. Yes there's a couple of things that have a specific piece of Red Light Technology that you lay on infrared bulbs and red red lights in it. What that does is it. Adds electrons to your system directly. Red Light can do that. And it also reduces inflammation causes your skin to be more supple and actually to grow more Collagen so trump thing that we get tanning booth but booth. It's either red lights back in the eighties. Tanning booth a couple of times looking at circadian biology. And all. I guess I was just in there to get ten. Did anything I was looking at the. How do I improve my sleep by getting a ten in the morning and newsflash it works but it's probably not good for you so What I found out that with red lights is red. And infrared can be profoundly biologically effective and search for since about the late ninety S. I've been using infrared lights on the brain with just really good affects. Now there's actually companies that make light stimulation for the brain. They're doing studies on Alzheimer's As well as electrostimulation on the brain which is more than the meditation side of where we'll go but for whole body red lights up there's clinical studies looking at increases in nitric oxide. So your your blood flows better. Your skin gets better. Fine Lines and wrinkles go down and you feel really good from that so you just got exposed to cold your body be ready and then you lay down and actually said here's some extra energy for you and by the way make healthier skin and you did the whole cycle in forty-five minutes probably and if people don't have access to these spas and things like that. This is an upgrade the beverly hills on everyone's GonNa Wander on down there with one hundred bucks to spend but what do they do? What is in in superhuman my anti-aging book you mentioned earlier in every one of the hacks there say this is what the crazy billionaires do and I went out and I did. I had stem cells growing body like I experimented on myself and wrote the story. There's the this is moderately expensive. Here's a supplement. That does the same thing as the injection basically. And then here's the free version or the nearly free version that you can do to activate the same pathways that we're talking about infrared light. It's hard to do that. You can go out into full spectrum sunlight which has some of those benefits but also has the UV. And all you can get home. Units that will expose you to red light infrared light or even amber light and one of the companies. My glasses company Actually makes those but many other companies do and I talk about the other companies on my show as well And the idea there is. You can have home light treatment. That now is in the range of three hundred bucks and up so it's not free but it's within reasonable accessible nece anti-inflammatory and classes that you're wearing glasses. The dark glasses are a part of that. Same Company but the anti-inflammatory nature of these lights. It's pretty amazing. One of the things that people will report is they'll put it on their head when they're getting a headache and it doesn't happen or they'll put it on their their stomach. Their kids stomachs. I use my kids. Stomachs all the time if they have a stomach ache. Which isn't that often But when it happens you put that you put the light on there and usually five ten minutes later you feel better. And even for wound healing. There are studies of certain frequencies of light. So what we're finding is. That light is a signal to ourselves and to our brain and our timing system and you can use light to sleep better. You can use light to speed healing and that now. It's hard to argue with the science on those. All right. We're here with Dave asprey. He is the founder and former. Ceo's the chairman now of bulletproof. We're talking about a range of things that we're talking about when we get back and finish up talking about meditation and some other stuff. But then we're gonNA talk about what's coming next including living to one hundred and eighty which apparently is Dave's goal. Do you need.

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