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Or don't go to. Feedback tell, me if you like to, show or not what you. Want me to talk about what. I'm doing wrong our Facebook say Hugli I am they don't matter Facebook Randy Adams. Our go Ma we're may switch over to my Randy, Adams Inc, and that's my business Facebook because we're full, up on Facebook and we're going to. Have to go to brandy. Adams zinc Facebook but we want. To tell you the truth we, want you to understand what. A Lance Dan you're walking into you're going on a football field against, the Dallas Cowboys and they're well trained they got. A game plan they've got coaches you know that the college coaches. The winners the car dealerships are studying what made them winners while how they run their college football teams how. They build a program what they. Do their studying. Everybody, they can, because they won't. Be able you know I've got People say Randy you gotta sociology degrees now you, got psychology green now the, man in the car business, we get those degrees because we will know. What makes, you take Yeah we'll. Say, your car and make all the, money we can and brag del everybody how much we're made yeah Car deals look like they all got money and they're doing well well they don't take the big hits owner automobiles I got neighbors that by every year they by. Him and, her a new. Vehicle may not cheap ones high once costume thirty to fifty. Grand loss value every year last one they traded bed the dealer that they were trying to trade by two thousand I had some money made, on the car and the dealerships they will Randy Adams given it will give it so I didn't get the car but that's the, way, the dealership they need ever available dollar your pocket and that and I was at a dealership the other. Day Salesman they told us to. Go get, another thousand or. To go out there and tell them bar it get on. Credit card do something but go get a thousand or two the other manager let the demand you said hey man what kind of profit we, got on this deal and he said five grand he's a good maybe we can guess another thousand or fifteen hundred out of them Wins enough enough you ever you ever think about that A mean have you ever been in one of these dealerships that just seemed like they were. Just trying to page, every penny out of, they can they're. Gonna grab you turn you upside down. Shake you out see if there's any money falls out then asked you've got any. Cousins or uncles or Hanson bar money off of it did you ever figure where you're sitting in the deal I mean you. Know the car business is..

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