Saudi Arabia, President Trump, Saudi Consulate discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


Now it's time for the last word Ali bell. She is in for Lawrence to make an evening alley, Rachel, the entire country should be up in arms about your description of what's going on in North Dakota and the voting laws. Thank you for all the detail. You went into to explain how many people in North Dakota very legitimately do not have street addresses and maybe disenfranchised because of that. You have a great evening, rich much. Appreciate it. All right. I've alley Belsey in for Lawrence O'Donnell a lot to get to tonight, including congressman Adam Schiff ranking member in the house intelligence committee who will join me in studio to discuss the United States relationship with Saudi Arabia and what Donald Trump said last night about possibly firing, Robert Muller after the midterms that's coming up. But first tonight, NBC news is reporting that Saudi Arabia's discussing a plan to admit that missing Washington Post columnist. Jamal kashogi was killed after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, thirteen days ago. But the story reportedly being prepared by the Saudi government is raising even more questions including why it seems to line up with a new theory floated. President Trump today. NBC news spoke with three people who have knowledge of the situation quote according to two of the individuals, the Saudis are putting together an explanation that would absolve crown prince Mohammad bin some on the putative leader of Saudi Arabia responsibility by giving him plausible deniability to say he didn't order the killing and didn't know about it such an off ramp could provide a way for Saudi leadership to save face and explain away their previous insistence that kashogi she wasn't killed in the consulate. NBC news also reporting tonight. One of those two individuals said he was told by those close to the Saudi leadership that the kingdom will claim that rogue operatives killed kashogi during an interrogation or rendition attempt that went horribly awry. The third individual said that the US government still doesn't know precisely what the explanation the Saudis planned to give, but the Saudis intend to admit culpability. The explanation of an interrogation gone wrong seems to be contradicted by some of what the Turkish government has revealed about the incident which the New York Times reported quote include signs of deliberate assassination among other things Turkish officials have said, an autopsy specialist carrying a bone saw was among fifteen Saudi operatives who flew to Istanbul on October second the day that Mr. kashogi disappeared. President said this tonight about the possibility that Saudi Arabia may be about to admit the kashogi she was killed in an interrogation gone wrong. I just don't know. I'm going to have to see what they said. I heard, but nobody knows it said official reports so far to the rule of the rumor of report coming in. Speaking to reporters earlier today, the president seemed indicate he was at least open to if not outright supportive of the denials of any involvement issued by Saudi Arabia. At the White House this morning, he even seemed to invent a new explanation for the killing rogue killers. With the king of Saudi Arabia, who denies any knowledge of what plays with regard to as he said his Saudi Arabian citizen. He didn't really know. Maybe I, I don't want to get into his mind, but it sounded to me like maybe these have been rogue killers Bruno's gates. Okay. So it sounded like the president interpreted that to mean rope killers, and I'm going to get back to what the president just said about the Saudi Arabian citizen that's going to be important. The president didn't say what evidence he might have to support the theory that it sounded like quote, rogue killers. It's also not clear why it seems to so closely match the new story being floated by the Saudis tonight. This is not the first time Donald Trump blamed rogue operatives for something. Despite the evidence Donald Trump's statements today look a lot like his response when Russia's Vladimir Putin was accused of interfering in the two thousand sixteen election today. It was rogue killers in two thousand sixteen. It was rogue hackers. Russia, but it could also be China could also be lots of other people. It also could be somebody's sitting on the bed that weighs four hundred pounds. Okay. And that wasn't the only thing President Trump said today that sounded similar to what he said about Putin. King firmly denies any knowledge of it to the Nile was very strong..

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