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Leonard Carl hyacinth almost Coen brothers esque characters secre way to put an habit. This only in Miami kind of world, and it's the weirdest birdcage of ever seen. Bizarre. And you can't make it up because it's it's it's nonsense little family, ending, you know. Goes down, and you're an exhaust who's in drag whose Gene Hackman, you're you're you're talking about Tony Bosch who is at the center of all of this. Who's the one who is dispensing all of the the steroids using his dad's scrip paper pad to Dr legit doctor? And then this fellow porta Fisher. Who is just a I don't know. What what what do you describe him the one who is the one who gave the who stole the he sensually took the documents from Tony Bosch, just let it lying around the biogenesis office took them and sent them to the press because he was pissed about not getting four thousand dollars back. It's you know, it's a chunk chain nice chunk of change. But even Tony Bosch and your documentary said he wishes he had paid that money to avoid everything else that it happened. It's insane. I just didn't hearing how you describe Puerta Fisher. After having watched it. This one will be a sad figure who's just looking for some sort of relevance. You know, I that's what I any founded be in these documents, and he took these documents from so he still the documents from Tony Bosch, and the documents were stolen from him and sold not just to the highest bidder. But every bitter. I mean, anybody willing to pay anything for them, and including major league baseball who's paid one hundred twenty five thousand cash in a diner out of some slush fund, I presume, I don't think we're going to ten ninety nine. The convicted felon that they were buying these knowingly still in documents from I don't know where Moby gets a slush fund from. But so be it. I don't know hustle either. Rob Manfred was in charge of this entire investigation. But listen go down to Miami. I mean when you roll around on the swamp, you're gonna get some mud on you. Down there. If you gotta you gotta root this thing out. I mean in a way to because everybody was saying, you know, how does how does the NFL not get the TMZ tapes of all these players that TMZ has the tapes on and the reason they're they're not gonna take some sort of could you imagine if the NFL trusts on what it is this could you imagine if the NFL took a slush fund and gave it to somebody who for whatever their reason wanted to leak this tape when they had no right to could you imagine you're assuming that they don't are the ones that Billy? They don't because otherwise they'd have the tape and here. Well, here's eleven does. Well, here's what what they did these convicted felons while they're selling MLB stolen documents for cash in a diner. They had a buddy at another table with an iphone filming the transaction. So that they can sell the video of the transaction two. A rod to say like, hey, you can then release and they wound up creating route one of getting scared about this. And they deleted it from the hard drive. And but but a-rod bought a blank hard-drive from them for six figures, we have the wire transfer. It's in the documentary and the an era allegedly spent thousands more sending the hard drive around the world to data recovery services to try to get this deleted footage back and unfortunately couldn't. And so we got footage America's sweetheart Alison hundred hysterical. Like, listen. I don't he was desperate. And he grew up in Miami. It's like sunny place for shady people. You know, he's going to it rubs off on you, and the type of characters you surround yourself doing the fact that when you think about it. The career of the highest paid baseball player in history effectively ended over a four thousand dollar debt between a cocaine addicted fake doctor and his fake tan. Addicted steroid patient just kind of wonderful, by the way, Billy Corgan. I mean fine point on stuck the landing on that one. And that's why you're documentaries called scruple. And I guess we kind of buried lead, which is a great way to finish up. Our conversation here is there's so many stories that required reenactment because you don't have the footage..

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