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Shocked if someone came and said, hey, we'd love to get signed Ricky pooch. Yeah, you're going to tell me that galaxy would let that prize asset go. Knowing that you can't find those players, those players don't just fall onto your lap, and then you say, well, I'm going to sell them for 10 million. What is that? If you said 25, 30, 35 million, then you'd say, go ahead. We'll reinvest. But I think for the amount of money that they would receive for Ricky pooch right now versus what he could do for the club moving forward and getting back to winning trophies and silverware, you're not moving off of that. With you. When I'd say the revs had a shot at MLS cup, if they didn't sell buxa and tejon Buchanan and they did, that's part of what these clubs are. That's what they do. Charlie, I know you're going to do Champions League next week. So I'll get you warmed up here. Mate, when the head's been tanned, the head's been turned by a big club in a big league top four wave league I'm talking about a big club. Sometimes there's nothing you can do with the player. The player has to go. Between that and Charlie is Jamaican. I'm gonna give you edge to Charlie's Jamaican all day every day. That was a good attempt. That was better than Bobby warshaw. Thank you. So I'll give you that. By the way, here's a good note from the cell traffic code from the LAFC perspective. We'll talk about them more, of course, leading into the Conference Finals. Awesome gesture ahead of tonight's game according to geo Garcia, hosts a great podcast about LAFC and the galaxy. Apparently, Kellen bought tickets for the entire back office staff of LAFC at the training facility, kitchen folks, janitors, et cetera, all the people that were in the back making things tick. I thought that was a really cool gesture from Kellen Acosta. Top, top man from Kellen. Good stuff there. All right, we talked a little bit about galaxy post mortem. You talked about poosh there. And the supporters shield prediction, I didn't hear, but I'm intrigued by. Chicharito obviously back, he had the option triggered by his goal scoring form. Is going to be back unless they sell him three more years on that deal. I can not see them selling him on with Charlie on that. Because they have to show their fans that they're serious. This is like the first time back in the postseason in a long time. Like if they want to be the galaxy again, they need Ricky pooch, a 100%. Here's what Greg vanny had to say. Ultimately, I think 2022 was a big step forward. We've been trying to rebuild the team over the past couple of years and I think we've taken big steps forward over the past couple of years to rebuild the group. I think we've created a vision now of how we want to play. It's exciting attacking soccer and we want to have a lot of the ball and we want to have a group that's connected and believes that it can win championships and we can get the club back on top.

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