Jeff, Doug Kim Jong Un, Tosa Island discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


Actually been a lot of conversations about the detail in significance of every single moment anderson yeah jeff we're told doug kim jong un has also now arrived at the venue both leaders on us in tosa island where the meetings going to take place the handshake to occur we're told around nine p nine am here local time nine pm on the east coast of the united states is going to pick up the conversation shortly here from someone who knows firsthand what it's like to face the north koreans persona growth negotiating table talked about him earlier former un ambassador bill richardson joins us as our coverage continues support for anderson cooper three sixty comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by quicken loans jen's is are you're confident when it comes to your work your hobbies and your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan rocket mortgage is simple allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident you're getting the right mortgage for you to get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash a c three sixty equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states and mls consumeraccess dot org number thirty thirty president trump kim jong or now both at the site of their historic summit the two leaders will greet one another than step inside and talk just them and their interpreters initially my next guest says more experienced than most conducting high stakes high pressure talks with north korea governor bill richardson former un ambassador as well as former secretary of energy department which not many people know overseas marika's nuclear arsenal so he's especially welcome on this occasion governor richardson first of all i i understand that you spoke to secretary pompeo a little bit ahead of this summit keeps say little bit about what if any advice you gave him.

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