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He was also the person that proposed developed a concept that we use all the time even apart from psychology which is the idea of having either an extroverted or introverted personality and his work overall has been incredibly influential in the study of literature religion. And of course psychiatry. The first thing i have to mention. Is that some concepts in psychology. Have been concretely proven through imperial evidence. So there is no question whether or not these things are real. We have undeniable proof that this is how these things operate but when we are talking about a loss of fee or psychology not everything can be proven by the scientific method and to technically prove something in the realm of science the hypothesis must not only be testable but it must also be able to be falsifiable and this is simply not possible when we are talking about things that we cannot see or are not measurable in any way so when we are talking about things that are spiritual in nature or philosophical. There's never really any way to say these. Things are absolutely true so we have to be careful. Have to make sure that i give that caveat a lot of times we can have conviction. That's something israel but without being able to have tangible evidence. We can't scientifically say that something is valid or real but that doesn't mean that we can't find support for something and in many cases it doesn't mean that something is not worth studying just in the way that we can't prove something like the shadow to be true. We are also unable to prove that it is not true so for example. Almost all psychologists believe that we have a subconscious. Mind that controls much of what we think. And what we do. But there's no way we can scientifically proved this even though it makes perfect sense and seems to answer a lot of questions and this is the same type of thing that we are dealing with when we're talking about something like this shadow or like the soul for example so my invitation to you today is to see if it rings true.

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