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Already come back to another episode of before the break Today we are so excited to meet our guest. He is a rising star in the world of television. You've seen him as a recurring character on new amsterdam an instinct as well as appearing on fbi blue bloods chicago pd and gotham. Just to name a few. Please welcome alejandro hernandez man. What's going on our you know great. I'm attorney right now or keep it. Now yeah we all have been man. We've all been quarantined. It's a new thing. No but you're actually's learned to write. Because canada has some. Would we have a wedding coming up. One of the bridesmaids is coming from canada. She when she gets home. She has to quarantined for two weeks. Man that's i have. I have vacs months this point and either going like they don't care if it's not navien person you have to still do it. God i've been in this very nice. But like there sean. Connery loved that firm for our listeners. He's got this beautiful like this painting of sean connery. Yeah is very nice and so europe. They're working right yemen. I'm so i haven't worked yet but Just a I'm currently working on. Not only disclose so much. But i'm working on. i An amazon pilot right now. I'll be here for the sixteen and it's really cool. I think there's an article on it on variety On instagram page. You could find interlinked chicken out. But it's it's the second base casts called the horror of delors roach and it's about it's Really cool it's really cool man. And it's essentially a modern retail. A modern washington heights latino latin next retelling of sweeney tar. Oh wow yeah. It's really cool musical. Yeah it's so it's like it's like the main character she goes to jail for a while delors roach and she gets out of She gets out of prison and essentially she is. She trying to stay afloat in either changing world because wash tonight's right now is very gentrified same as winds and essentially. She ends up. A murder happens. And then i help her I helped recover it up in a a very creative way. It's all interesting. Yeah very intriguing. Graduation think we'd go. It's really cool there. There's there's so much that i just want to know about you. We let's let's start at the beginning of your from jersey your jersey jersey. Yeah born and raised all the number one reason in bro. Yeah yeah did you did you pop into the city when you were kid. Yeah was that a thing where you like. I gotta get into that city now really I lied so route from people who are not like familiar with try. A jury generally always argue that north and south jersey and others not sixteen. A sanctuary jersey were trend is the central jersey. But i'm like more sound like i'm right across exc gone to new york wasn't a big thing to our training right away so we said the city. You're talking about philly feeling about we see you know i wasn't much of a new york You know person growing up. I had family In north jersey for union city north burton Most of my family's trenton philadelphia area around. And when you were when you were growing up was was was acting in your In your mindset in your vision even though you weren't going over that sea where you still kind of like you know what this is something i'm interested in or did they kind of happen for you later They kind of happen for me a little. I know that. I always had like a knack for performing. I always think i knew that liked it. I knew that it was fun to do. But i never considered it to a real world profession. Jamir you know to support know support me aspects but I'm not the class clown dude. Augustino like gets allowed trouble Do impersonations of teachers that we didn't like the you know so you know i i was. I always history detection. But i like to entertain people it made. It brought me to bring people joy and packet did. Did let me ask you this. Because i'm only seeing this now years into well into your thirties. You start to become aware of certain things from your past specially and like you and in school the class clown the anything for an applause and it came from this deep desire to be loved to be accepted and my stage. Which like yours was your schoolmates your school. That was the venue and and you did what you could do. In terms of getting a reaction was. That's coming from something from your past for you. Deeply did want to be part of something. Maybe not the spotlight but the fact that you were affecting someone was that important to you as you were growing up or was it compensating for anything at the loaded question the break it out a little bit of down sart so so were you channeling something as a kid that that fueled your own. 'isms that was kinda coming from another place or was it. Just you just wanted to make people laugh a gun. As i think that's true i think i i definitely Outweighs the middle child older brother and brother. And i always kinda like got like the brunt things clearly oldest one the youngest ones. I wasn't responsible enough to you. Know know any better perhaps was the baby and it was kind of like i felt like my older brother is sick. A single roadscholar. My brother is like super smart was gates millennium scholar into the outage and he's like super smart and i never. I was an average student at best lake. Seem solid seaman is student. Then guys guy solid see mine is not getting your dear. F was the accomplishment. So thrilled that i didn't get like i mean i didn't get a d. or an african. Yeah yeah tom you gotta be taking them to. snl right..

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