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We're in the final stretch Tuesday's the last day to register to vote mail in ballots have to go into the mailbox today to get there in time. You can also register online, you know, it's the butt of a lot of jokes. But it's really not funny. People are going to the dermatologist for Peri anal dermatitis and the topic of irritation that occurs when people white poorly infrequently or overzealously symptoms include a blotchy red irritated rectum threes square. You can't spare three square. No. I don't have a square to spare the American society of Cullen rectal surgeon. Dr Megan Cavanagh says polished ENA syndrome hours. Is when people wipe so violently trying to clean their rear over cleaning or aggressive wiping in the anal region is a cause of Parada say ni- to avoid PAAS invest in a day. French millionaires wet wipes. Try paper towels and water dried thoroughly back gently in white for front to back pushing waste away from the groin, Audrey Morton, NewsRadio seven forty. A one handed high school athlete in Oregon has landed a college scholarship playing football, Alex Hurlbert of west Salem, high has received a full ride to the university of Montana starting next fall. ABC's ABC has told us this report and despite complications at birth Hurlbert is a full ball force to be reckoned with. And finally, the FDA is revoking the use of six food additives after data showed that they caused cancer in lab animals companies will have twenty four months to identify suitable replacements. The additives have been commonly used in candy and ice cream chewing gum baked goods, drinks and other foods that you and I consumed every day since nineteen sixty four news on demand at KTAR HR next update should be around three thirty breaking news as it happens. And we will have much more information about the vote in Washington. It literally ended the moment. I walked into the.

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