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Win. You know. Yeah, he's not going to be my tip. Let's talk about the next thing the weather as I said you Lou to the top of the show. Yep. I like two decades ago. We spoke about this. Yep. The weather is going to be wet greasy slippery. Like we said we will have an impact on either side just like your board shorts after a 40K ride Jamie Thursday. It's going to have a massive effect on the game. Now anybody who's ever, you know actually played the game or 377 of them? We'll know that if it's it's it's going to be hot. It's going to be slippery trying to be slimy mind you these are true pretty big building teams. They're going to absolutely punch the living crap out of each other, which is going to be awesome. Ya White. One thing I have noticed though that if the ball stays off the ground and it did happen happen on Saturday night. The ball stays off the ground. It's not going to be a slippery through the fingers and you saw what danger was doing last night and the week before? Yeah, he was just popping him off Jack took one last week was popping him off. Yeah, so maybe early on and once they sort of get get their their Measure of Faith. I don't think it's going to pay much right? I just want to discuss what a bit of a shootout. I just want someone just want I want to gain it's going to be exciting. That's all I want. That's all I want. I think yeah, you're right. That's all I want. I was wondering if my grandfather's a traditionally Ricky pretty ordinary. Oh, yes, I'll text to it takes to inflate teams that go back and let's go back to 2018. Anyway, that was a ripple that 119 890. Let's go back to nineteen eighty-eight. Let's go back to two thousand what you got we could go back to last year. That's how bad it was. All right. So I think the weather's going to take it but the monitor the games are short of the Sixty Minute. I don't like the 16 minutes games are over too quick. I'm looking forward to going back to normal next year. All right one question for you who who is or will do it now because we've got some we've got some coming through danger for the norm cats by points. Nick Hogan has come in here saying danger Norm Smith cats by 17 Duncan or got mate Paco. You can't lead your bets mate. It's either one or the other, right? Can I make up your mind cats by sixteen? A lot of people going for the cats? The only people go for Richmond Richmond supporters. I think that's a bit of a feel. I think people think Richmond of a little bit too arrogant a little bit too up themselves bit to Comedy Club before the game. Well now unlocks anymore. Well, what about your dad's tonight? Yeah, something like an announcement about the 2008 Grand Final very very shortly hamsters this guy and does this can't have the risk of becoming cuz it's two teams already one a couple of premierships and been pretty dominant. The last ten years. Does this game run the risk of being a little bit like the 2011 Premiership the one that no one remembers the Collingwood one. It was 2010, but that's okay. You get two thousand ten thousand get there. And I know I think they'll remember it. I think if it's hooked his grandfather was that people forget people like I think people are I think it's a bit different because it's not even if it.

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