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There's a newspaper clipping making the rounds from sixty three in which they ask some random people on the street would a woman be a good president what their answer was in nineteen sixty. Three is kind of funny So i have that for you in a second. Excellent will also be looking into the infamous postman who said he saw vote fraud than the washington post said he recanted completely. That sounds like the name of a french film. you would have to read subtitles. And there's like people sitting around smoking. Yeah all in black and white the infamous postman. Yeah except for like the cigarette the cigarettes common for some reason. It's four and a half hours long. It's about the meaning of life loss. I just wasted for hours of my life. Watching this movie. The infamous posterway. So the washington. Have you seen it all the washing your life. The washington post makes the french. Lieutenant's woman look like fast and furious. Anyway uh so. This postman recanted completely. According the washington post now there are some of the usual suspects but heavyweight like mark levin said the washington post. Has one hundred percent lied about this guy. He did not recant. Okay so i guess we gotta go digging as usual. I don't have the slightest idea what the truth is at this point. And some sending your alternative websites. That doesn't help okay. Joe jones news dot com. I got i got to admit and this is bad. This is what putin one to have happened. I bail out of a lot of those stories real early. Because i realize. I don't have any idea what's true and there's no way to for me to know so move on to something else which is not good general. Hr mcmaster was the President the current guys National security adviser for a time Very impressive man might pennies exceedingly bright. He was on special report with bret baier. Last night he's got a book out but was grilling a mostly about the news of the day How about all the hand flapping and pearl clutch in about The trump team isn't letting the biden team getting the transition offices and such a thirty one show right kind of period of transition as as dangerous time our you know our our enemies adversaries rivals think it might be time to act out against us. So i think it's really important for us to show a high degree of competence and and a degree of stability and initial that. Hey art democracy works. Our institutions are strong. And i think that if we show weakness and division of course. There are a lot of maligned actors. Who would take advantage of that from the chinese communist party vladimir putin to jihadist terrorists to north korea and you mentioned at the outset here iran which is which is enriching uranium and also continuing its four decade long proxy war against us and israel and the arab monarchies and the world really wasn't in on the editor that click He has he said. I think it was right after right before of the whole transition thing does it bother you. Does it worry you that. Joe biden isn't getting the presidential daily briefings and he said oh. No no. that'll be fun. Yeah and biden..

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