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Thank you thank you and congratulations congratulations congratulations. Hello Hello. Everyone just want to say welcome. It was very long. <hes> glad to be back and you know we're looking forward to start working next week or we've been working all summer but <hes> just seen our guys skating state of our franchise is this is an important time for us. <hes> we always talk that. We used to say kind of have in say as much but we're all kings. We're one team will all together and we think it's important that you guys understand. You know where we're going. WHAT'S OUR VISION. What's our plan. You know you got a few letters from us. Last year where we talked about the plan tonight you know we thought it would be important that you would hear from Robin West Division of the plan where he wants to go. Oh and then that would todd who will take that vision that plan and then make sure like we we go out there and win some hockey games. You know the the biggest first thing that we always talked about one. We're talking about how we're going to build this team. And what are we going to do and so forth is very important for us as we always use the where we got to contend and we want to be a contender and that's the one thing you're going to hear tonight. Guys are talking about and so forth and it's one thing that we always talk internally now to contend. It takes a process. There's a process to it. You need to build and so forth so you're going to hear from Nelson Emerson tonight. He's going to talk about the draft in you know the process of drafting how we've gone through a Jeff Solomon's going to put the data behind. It and you know how we've you know now. We can't share everything you go. We'll be able to share a little bit what you guys how we go about it. Then why would draft an easing example like this year in the draft you know sometimes people will say oh. How'd you guys is doing the draft and we'll see in three years but I could tell you for us. We were happy about the draft this year because we got the players we wanted. You know when we talk about contending. We've got the guys that exactly we wanted and so we're excited about that. Glen Murray will come in after Nelson Mercer talked about how we're gonNA develop these players. These guys have been developing players for ten years now. They've done a really good job over the years for pure at the time. We weren't able to drop just because you know we were trying to win championship but we want some championship and that's just the way it is. That's the way it is in sport then so be interesting when you see when you guys hear from Glenn Nelson and solid see how this works in an obviously todd's going to wrap it all up because at the end of day he's the one that's going to run the boat now. There's one thing you can never forget about organization for forty plus years. Disorganization was just trying to make make the playoffs was trying to do good or just trying to the message wasn't clear. We have very high expectations. We expect the best this out of our entire staff. We expect the best we expect our France would be that allowed us when we talk about Staples Center and we expect the best out of everyone so don't kid yourself. We're looking at those kids that were there. Come in whether we're looking at our guys are coming back this year. We expect them to give everything they have and that's the only way we're going to have success. <hes> I am excited about this year. A was even though last year was a disappointing year..

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