A new story from Hammer and Nigel


So not guilty Mister Bennett Mister Bennett guilty Blackburn this is Blackburn not guilty Mister Blumenthal Mister Blumenthal guilty Mr want Mister blunt not guilty Mr Booker Mr Booker guilty Mr Bozell Mister Bozeman not guilty Mister brown Mr Braun not guilty Mister brown Mister brown guilty Mr Burke Mister member not guilty discount all miss can't while guilty capital Mrs Capetillo not guilty Mister carton Mister carton guilty Mr Carper Mr Carper guilty Mister Casey Mister Casey guilty Mister Cassidy Mister Cassidy not guilty miss Collins miss Collins not guilty Mr cans Mr Coons guilty Mr corn and Mr corn in not guilty ms Cortez master miss Cortez master so guilty Mister Khan Mister cotton not guilty Mister Kramer Mister Kramer not guilty scrape up Mr crepe though not guilty Mr cruise Mr cruise not guilty Mr Danes Mister James not guilty Mister gore miss dark were guilty Mr Darman Mister Durbin guilty strangely Mr NZ not guilty miss arched Mr Ernst not guilty Mrs Feinstein Mrs Feinstein guilty Mrs Fisher Mrs Fisher not guilty Mister Gardner Mister Gardner not guilty this is Jill around Mrs chill of brown guilty Mr Gramm Mr Gramm not guilty Mister Grassley Mister Grassley not guilty ms Harris ms Harris guilty was hasn't this has been guilty Mr Holley Mr Holley not guilty Mr Hinrichs Mister Heinrich guilty Mysteron out Mr Rono guilty Mr Hoven Mr ho van not guilty Mrs Hyde Smith Mrs Hyde Smith not guilty the strain off Mr an off not guilty Mr Johnson Mr Johnson not guilty Mister Jones Mister Jones guilty Mister Kane Mr came guilty Mister Kennedy Mister Kennedy not guilty Mister king Mister king guilty is clover char this clever char guilty sterling for Mr lying for not guilty Mr Lahey Mr Lahey skill to eight Mister late Mr Lee not guilty Mrs Leffler Mrs Leffler not guilty Mr mansion Mr mansion guilty Mister Markey Mister Markey guilty Mr McConnell Mr McConnell not guilty missing selling miss make Sally not guilty Mr Mendez Mr Menendez as guilty Mr Markley Mr Markley guilty Mister Moran Mister Moran not guilty Mr Caskey miss Macau ski not guilty Mr Murphy Mister Murphy guilty Mrs Murray this is Larry guilty Mister Paul Mister Paul not guilty Mr Purdue Mr Purdue not guilty Mister Peters Mister Peters guilty Mr Portman Mr port man not guilty Mr rate charade guilty Mr rash Mr rash not guilty strong words Mister Roberts not guilty Mr Romney Mr Romney guilty miss Rosen miss Rosen guilty surrounds Mr rounds not guilty Mr Rubio Mr Rubio not guilty Mr Sanders Mr Sanders guilty Mister says Mister says not guilty Mr shots Mr shots guilty Mr Schumer Mr Schumer guilty Mister Scott of Florida Mister Scott of Florida not guilty Mister Scott of South Carolina Mister Scott of South Carolina not guilty Mrs shaking this is shaking guilty Mr shelving Mister Shelby not guilty miss cinema this cinema guilty miss Smith ms Smith guilty Stabenow ms Stabenow guilty Mister Sullivan Mister Sullivan not guilty Mr tester Mr tester guilty Mr fan Mr fan not guilty Mr tell us Mister Taylor's not guilty mystery to me this to me not guilty Mr Udall Mr Udall guilty Mister van Hollen Mister van Hollen guilty Mr Warner Mr Warner guilty miss Warren this Warren guilty Mr White House Mr White House guilty Mister wicker Mister wicker not guilty Mister white Mister widened guilty Mister young Mister young not guilty.

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