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Zimmerman and been talking to matthew barnaby. We lost you for a few seconds there earlier. Macchi there year-on-year. Okay so as were talking about. The rangers sent out. I mean the letter of letters. Basically we're gonna sauk and like we were saying he can't really get. I don't know if another small market team can do that. I mean they really took a chance doing this. trading away you know half the roster and just really gutting they and then you have the transition from luggage goaltending anymore and you know if if younger team the here here's like say for rangers sends out there. It's very bright and it's going to be a great team in years to come. I mean The talent level On the back end. I think when you look at the forwards They have a lot of promise. But there's going to be some growing pains and then you have a couple that with preparing leaving with what happened over there and you know. There's there's there's certainly not the way that they wanted it to playoffs. Advantage had not having the year that he had last year. Do i think he's going to be a forty goal. Scored no Do i think he's ten times the player that we're seeing right now. Yeah i mean he. He's very good so newark. Has that bright bright future in what they're trying to achieve some great young kids and i look at taco where where he is look friend year not probably not looking and everyone's like okay took club in ottawa. What he's doing now. He's in a different role But he's going to be a very very good player so Let's not rush to judgment. They're going to be a very very good team whether they make the playoffs or not. I didn't have them a playoff team. but certainly. The future is very very bright. Well one thing. I wanted to get to this year. Obviously very different D to covid They changed the way. The you know. You're only playing teams in your division. I was kinda hoping maybe go back to like the patrick. Division the vegetation renaming the visions the divisions in the old school ways. But like here. You go here..

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