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Vince, Mccarthy, Tom Sibley discussed on We Watch Wrestling


Hey do you watch wrestling ratings so you tasings well hello there welcome the we watch wrestling podcast i am beyond that mccarthy with me professional wrestling pedal on tom sibley good evening good morning three sixteen am and you here with us leaks up professional wrestling in cyclo pedia mr vince april we're back again baby back again here at the we watch wrestling podcast every podcast every wednesday at three sixteen am we watch wrestling goto we watch wrestling podcast dot com go ahead gum dot com go to what is it what's the big cartel we watch wrestling podcast cartel dot com for leftover merchandise and arpey seven inches it's right over there vince sound okay and you're and you're keeping your voice down all right we're talking to ray sounds a little load on a little low are you is everything okay at home talk louder can talk about her you sound low i don't wanna be the one that wakes anybody up not gonna wait this kid up where this is where recording at at arena occc gac this jack is asleep in the other room these tell me is girls are in here i sometimes they record in my bedroom okay sometimes the record in the bedroom with the baby the crib i just wanna make i just hope his levels are you know i've been cheated of mine levels but i don't because if anyone misses out on a sweet sound of instance voice i will kill myself all the levels are where they should be to step it up but vince is is nothing if not.

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