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And if also like me, you have a difficult time not wanting to find Teresa Jude ice and acre in the tits. It looks like her whole NAMA, stay whatever is in for a backside this season, at least when it comes to playing her brother of her sister-in-law in cringe away that is like inappropriately competitive for a sibling relationship, so businesses usual. Plus, I think we're going to have to see her additioning thongs for her Bunka, Lou competitive bodybuilding outfits. Which is going to be super of setting. We didn't do this in Union County. So I don't know what's going on everything. The worst old me if you're still watching this. I'll see you on Twitter. For my plug related. I have a podcast with my esteemed colleague, and owner of the Blankenship chair. Mark blankenship. It's called market Sarah talk about songs, and that podcast has an auxiliary podcast in which Dan rookie and Tracy Petacci. Nick, rea- badgen the vanity singles of real housewives as folksongs their versions are actually quite beautiful. The originals are thing that occurred. We have not yet contemplated. Daniel stoves real close. But next month money can't buy you pike cast will be addressing that very song. And then Tracy's reimagining same. So you can subscribe to market sur- talk about songs wherever fine podcasts are not sold and those money can't buy you podcast episodes just pop up in the same feed. So if you're looking for a folk version of Dan hill stops real close, and who among us it cetera subscribed to market Sarah talk about songs. All right. So before I get into my show hot off the presses. Tara your buddy a page. Oh, PASCAL is. In fact, the lead in that Star Wars series the. So registrations to me winter me encourage reasons to me. No now, you have a reason to watch the Star Wars. Together. So. I am back this week with another day for sitting courtesy of Brennan. Brizo frequent gametime contributor before. I tell you what it is about. Perhaps we can let the show tell you what it is not about not about the eighteen Charles, Georgia windows. More wonder. Magnum PI or macgyver active life. The head of the company. Great American hero. This is oil drums an.

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