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Oh dorian. I both had a question. Wanna talk a little bit and change the direction to the wonderful catchall thrown around phrase self love because it's it's mentioned all the time. And like, it's this easy thing to just acquire. And then I personally find it very challenging and a prostitute. Curious like what what does that mean to you? What does it look like, and what's been your a hate to use the word journey, but I'm going to use it, and what has been your journey on the the path to exploring self love. Oh, man. It's been rough. It's been it's been rough. You know, I I don't think I had a great foundation for self love. I grew up in a home on where I would not say I felt unloved. I knew that. My mother loved me. But I did not think my mother liked me at all trusting. And I knew that my mother would keep me safe in a certain sense. I knew in a certain sense that she was my protector and provider in all of those things. But I I didn't feel particularly wanted. And like I said, I didn't feel particularly liked. And then what happened was I started going to school and school was a completely different thing. I was for the most part you now except for a few bullies when I was in first and second grade, you get me into third grade and the difference between my home life, and my school life is just fast like I was never a quote unquote, popular kid, but I was always well liked by teachers and students always and at school. It seemed quite often that the more I was myself like the more. I let myself be a little bit weird..

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