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It mortgage talking text line the Milwaukee county county executives race Chris ably stepping down off to he very very poor start let me really clear here if these allegations are correct these candidates who screwed up don't belong on the ballot now I I admit that now that I don't live in Milwaukee county anymore I I don't have as much of a vested interest but yet you have seven people that are running to be the county executive to replace Chris a plea here is the deal the primaries in early February to get on the ballot you need to turn in two thousand signatures meaning you have to have two thousand people in this enormous county say that they what you want about the law allows you to turn in up to four thousand good candidates and good campaigns Ernie in closer to four thousand then to two thousand why because there's always there's always turns out to be problems with with certain signatures maybe if somebody signed it who doesn't live in the county maybe there's an a mistake made on the the date all these different things that's why you always turn in as close to the maximum signatures if you can get because if some signatures get thrown out or disqualified you still got way enough to get you on the nominating ballot okay well here's the story journal Sentinel has it the advice breaks feel Lipscomb who's the Milwaukee County Board chairman he has filed a challenge that the elections board is going to have to decide involving two of his opponents one of the opponents Glendale mayor Brian Kennedy the other former state senator GM soul of it so here here's the deal they got a tourney in two thousand valid signatures Kennedy let's see submits twenty nine hundred so just a little over to you just a little under three thousand Solomon submits twenty six hundred and ninety let's round up to twenty seven hundred all right now you might say Jeff with this is that what what is the problem what we're what is the issue well here's the deal under state law not people who circulate the nominating petitions right for can't it you're only allowed to circulate nominating petitions for one candidate you can't circulate not Ford for one candidate for one particular office you can go get signatures for state Senate and county executive and president but you can't get signatures for multiple candidates for the same office follow in there's if there's a there's a certification they say to that what happens is if you do that so let's say you know you want to get signatures for Theo Lipscomb and four Jim Sullivan and so you both running for the same office what happens is the campaign that you got the signatures for first right those are valid the ones after that aren't so if you got a for Lipscomb first the ones for Lipscomb count the ones for solo then don't it appears that what happened is a couple of these campaigns the Sullivan campaign the Kennedy campaign and maybe others decided to farm out the process of getting signatures instead of getting the signatures themselves or at least all of the signatures themselves they hired to third parties to go out and do it which is to me hi the journal Sentinel says it's commonplace for candidates I don't I don't know not not if you're running a good campaign it's not common place but instead of getting the signatures themselves they hired a third party to go out and get signatures and then that third party hired a bunch of people go out get signatures and hired the same people to get signatures for multiple offices if you follow so now it for multiple candidates for the same office so now it's a mess it looks like at least the allegations are that about a thousand of the signatures that the Sullivan campaign got were gotten were obtained by somebody who'd gotten signatures for another candidate and if they do throw out a thousand signatures Solomon does have enough to get on the ballot the Kennedy campaign it's it's similar close under challenging eight hundred signatures out of twenty nine hundred so even if you throughout that eight hundred hi Kennedy would still have just enough to get on the ballot but that's before the elections commission starts tossing out other signatures for you know some of the typical defects that you had all right so the campaigns are single this is terrible this is this effort to try to keep us off the ballot to which I say nuts I mean if a campaign can't figure out how to get valid enough valid signatures to get them on the ballot it's not a question of the elections commission depriving the voters an opportunity to vote for that candidate it's a question of why can't the candidate follow the rules and if they can't boom they don't belong on the ballot her number eight five five six one six one six twenty that's the accurate mortgage talk and text line and again that this in my opinion it all comes back to some of these campaigns being incredibly sloppy and deciding instead of getting signatures themselves they decide to farm out the process to outside parties and then not check on the work the outside parties are doing eight five five six one six one six twenty at the accurate mortgage talking tax line I think this is really clear and I think this is really straightforward and if it turns out that this did in fact happen admittedly that's an elf you've got candidates who now by throwing out the law says you got to throw out the signatures if you know this same circulator got multiple signet that signatures for multiple candidates you gotta throw those signatures out for the candidate who turned in the signatures later or who the second one to get the signatures I think if this number if these numbers hold these guys don't belong on the ballot is that an unduly harsh penalty or is it what happens when you decide that you're again going to out source the process of getting your own signatures eight five five six one six one six one eight that's the accurate mortgage talk and text line if this is the case these guys and they don't have their two thousand valid signatures boom they should be off the ballot and you know what they're going to have nobody to blame but themselves if this happens we discussed in just a moment our Jeff Wagner is right around the corner Jim Griffin talks candidly was John Berkshire to Jimmy didn't start out being the number one dealer statewide in a lot of your brands what does it take to be and stay number one in the car business well John you're not going to believe this but I think most car dealers are a little bit competitive I have been competitive my whole life and you know you just do the right things and you come to work and you sell cars and you put yourself in position to win that title usually were right there in the running we want to earn your business and we work very hard to get that business how important is it that people leave and feel really good when they feel real good they're gonna tell other people if you drop the ball they're gonna tell twice as many people 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