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Dis. Their work was important. But it wasn't life threatening but the world hadn't forgotten about Lucas service or her incredible bum finding record and in the spring of two thousand sixteen. Chris received a phone call with incredible news. Luca was being awarded the dicken medal since one thousand nine hundred forty three. The dicken medal has been distributed by the People's Dispensary Serie for sick animals. It's considered Britain's highest possible military recognition animal can receive. Luca was the I. US Marine Corps dog to receive the honour on Tuesday April fifth. Two Thousand Sixteen Chris Willing Willing Ham and one Rodriguez applauded and cheered while the shiny metal was draped over Luca Bez neck the German shepherd Belgium Mala panted her tongue lolling. It was almost like she was smiling for all the photographers. Lucas ceremony was featured on CNN. NBC News and the Huffington Post. Thanks to America's love affair with dogs have fame soon eclipsed that of other Dickin- medal recipients including Gi. Joe A World War Two carrier pigeon or upstart a British police horse that controlled traffic after after a nine thousand nine hundred forty seven aerial bombing. Another recipient was nine eleven search and rescue dog Apollo who you may remember from a previous assode. Although the award rocketed Luca to stardom she soon returned to quieter humble life and and had days were good right up until the end on January twenty first two thousand Eighteen Lucas facebook fan page operated by Chris Willingham posted. It's with a heavy heart that I tell you that. Luca passed away yesterday us today. Luca truly was a special dog raw. Deny a both fortunate to have served as her handlers. We will will forever be grateful for her service and companionship. The posting assured Lucas more than thirty thousand friends and followers that that she spent Halla stays with the two people. She loved the most Chris and Rod and since her passing. Luca has continue you to inspire in the summer and fall of two thousand nineteen her dicken medal and a lifelike statue featured in a temporary war dogs exhibit at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Chris has spent time since her death. Traveling and speaking about issues related to service animals camel's while Luca may have begun her career on the battlefield. Her legacy lies in her good attitude and her ability to bring peace peace and joy to everyone she met with a comforting veterans. All Romping with Rod and Chris Mama Luka has become an enduring symbol of hope and love..

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