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The pretty the head chef of a famous New York City restaurant is dead after he'd gone missing earlier this week James flipping report thirty three year old Andreas after only last worked to shift the chip Brianti dolci on Saturday the fame to Grand Central Terminal eatery where he served as head chef authorities finally found him at a hotel in Elmhurst queens a seventy seven street location that authorities say is a known drug and prostitution spot his death is being called suspicious pending an autopsy originally from Italy Samper only moved to New York in April and I've been living in flushing out an apartment his roommate reported having last seen him on Sunday morning getting into a car it was Monday when coworkers reported him missing as he failed to show up for work I'm James Flippen W. O. R. news has injures onboard delta flight nine seventy five from New York City to Los Angeles finally took off this morning after a mind boggling eighteen hour delay also Paula passengers say they were made to get off the plane twice and given various reasons for the delays including weather and mechanical issues we would give the nobles nope there was no covers we were given a day so you I was given some food out to switch I was great for except everything we shot so you could not suspend the federal department of transportation does not allow domestic flights to be on the tarmac for more than three hours it appeared the delta try to avoid the three hour time frame by staying attached to the gate with its door open passengers however reported a stretch of at least five hours on board a show Bala W. or news thirty eight former students of UC university high school for boys are suing over claims they were molested by two prominent rabbis dating back to the nineteen sixty some of those former students spoke out today detailing the claim check for to to see how it goes hand down my pants regularly which he did he grow to be in his office but this also went on in the hallways with the kids watching I did find him off he was wrestling the stock is hands down my pants and I punch down and it made him very angry at the time I told nobody I don't have anybody to tell well the lawsuit is one of hundreds that have been filed over child sexual abuse allegations since last week when New York state opened a one year window for suits previously barred by the state statute of limitations the department of defense is identifying two soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan this week officials say recently on Figueroa of Massachusetts and has a good sellers of California died Wednesday both soldiers were injured by small arms fire while engaging in combat operations officials say the pair were assigned to an airforce base in Florida they were posthumously promoted to the rank of master sergeant and audit finds a national tennis center failed to report thirty one million dollars in revenue to New York City comptroller Scott stringer stood outside the U. S. TA Billie Jean King tennis center in queens where the US open kicks off next week to discuss is on its findings he says the US yeah short change the city out of hundreds of.

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