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This is straight, talk with Ross. Mathews back to the welcome that welcome and checking new check one, three, four, welcome back to the. We were in pump springs kissed ki ki accused by the sun very sunkissed. Favorite moments. There was a fancy night went and got pedicure together. Blackballed may from Ross's his nails on spring, dropped everything up to to can to can. What was it was the brightest, orient? No positive shattered. Well, luckily I didn't go to kicked out from. We went to. We hadn't been there. Before CJ, but it was sitting there king. It's an audio program. He's like, nodding back this year. So we, we go to go to a pedicure and we're sitting there and we're getting our feet. I'll love that right Pedic and everyone just play nice. It's a Monday morning. Ars and in walks this woman, this little woman. Kinda elderly fabulous lover goalie. Michelle, you picture just matching from the rotor to the Tudor. I love that just match up. First thing I noticed rings on every finger Liberace. Yeah, Karachi. So I'll tell you, so we sit and we start talking games Pat and we started talking. She's eighty five and she has a sassy and opinionated I go, I'm Ross. And then to Fags they go, this is you can call them whatever you want. Call him Judy, and she goes, we'll. Oh, like that. So we started talking talking about thirty minutes talking. She's making us laugh. So hard like Pat is so funny just about immediately lover. She's I'm an artist, you know, I'm like, oh, my God will flaxseeds and artists. They start showing each other things. She goes, you should come to my condo and see my art. Sometime we go. What are you doing in like an hour. So we went to her and she showed us this. I'm showing the picture you You got got. on on. Hello, Russ pod. Okay. I cannot tell you that pass like, no, I know that's Pat is must bear it animal. She is. Is a groper MRs Roper so they showed up an hour later. She had changed into sparkly sandals. Kaftan full face. They give you walked out of her condo to meet us on the street in that with the wind blows. Okay. I'm going to set the scene another going to post the picture, but she is in this gorgeous yummy like tangerine mates, hot pink, caftan, and Ross wasn't kidding. The rings aren't just rings. She looks like she robbed like an antique Indian. Turquoise and silver says she sleeps in them. She never takes them off. So she so we're looking at the pains and I go love this one..

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