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But <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Silence> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> I guess <Speech_Male> as <Speech_Male> recommend as I started <Speech_Male> becoming bigger, <Speech_Male> it's impossible to do <Speech_Male> both. It <Speech_Male> probably even <Speech_Male> at the service to <Speech_Male> everyone else, if you <Speech_Male> are the CEO of a company <Speech_Male> that has <Speech_Male> more than <Speech_Male> maybe ten 20 <Speech_Male> employees and trying to <Speech_Male> still be a <Speech_Male> coder because I think <Speech_Male> you're probably ignoring <Speech_Male> a lot of the other aspects <Speech_Male> that make a company successful. <Speech_Male> So I <Speech_Male> try to and <Speech_Male> over time I became better <Speech_Male> and better at actually delegating, <Speech_Male> costing others <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> completely. <Speech_Male> And focusing maybe on <Silence> the next <Silence> <Advertisement> big problem. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> As you begin <Speech_Male> to wind down, <Speech_Male> I'd like to get <Speech_Male> your <Speech_Male> perspective on <Speech_Male> the observability <Speech_Male> market as a whole, <Speech_Male> there's <Speech_Male> just kind of a <Speech_Music_Male> lot of products out <Speech_Music_Male> there after these <Speech_Music_Male> days. <Speech_Music_Male> And <Speech_Music_Male> I think <Speech_Male> staying competitive <Speech_Male> is pretty <Speech_Male> difficult. <Speech_Male> There's something to <Speech_Male> product differentiation, <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> I feel <Speech_Male> like Splunk is <Speech_Male> more on the <Speech_Male> comprehensive <Speech_Male> side <Speech_Male> relative to <Speech_Male> other providers that might <Speech_Male> be a little bit <Speech_Music_Male> more specialized <Speech_Music_Male> and <Speech_Male> maybe they do <Speech_Male> one or two things <Speech_Music_Male> really, really well, <Speech_Music_Male> whereas Splunk <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> does a wide <Speech_Male> variety of things <Speech_Music_Male> quite well, but <Speech_Music_Male> may lead to, <Speech_Male> you know, <Speech_Male> maybe a difficulty <Speech_Music_Male> in <Speech_Male> just because there's so many <Speech_Male> products. So <Speech_Male> how <Speech_Music_Male> do you maintain <Speech_Male> quality <Speech_Male> of an overall <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> product <SpeakerChange> when <Silence> <Advertisement> there's so much product <Silence> <Advertisement> breath? <Silence> <Advertisement> So <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> I think <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> it's a photo assessment that <Silence> <Advertisement> we try to be very comprehensive. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Male> But that doesn't mean that <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> we still feel like we have <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> the best <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> technology when it <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> comes to log analytics, <Silence> <Advertisement> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> metrics, <SpeakerChange> <Silence> <Advertisement> and tracing. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> But <Speech_Male> our goal is need to be <Speech_Male> comprehensive because I think <Speech_Male> that's what the <Speech_Male> customers <Speech_Male> and users require, right? <Speech_Male> As I described, <Speech_Male> the one task to bring all <Speech_Male> of these together <Speech_Male> in one single <Speech_Male> system and <Speech_Male> consolidate as much <Speech_Male> as possible, right? It's <Speech_Male> much much easier to be dealing <Speech_Male> with one application <Speech_Male> than three <Speech_Male> and probably <Speech_Male> even easier to be doing with <Speech_Male> one vendor than <Speech_Male> three or four, right? <Speech_Male> So <Speech_Male> of course, there are many <Speech_Male> solutions out there, many <Speech_Male> of them are great solutions. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> I'm not claiming we <Speech_Male> are the only one. <Speech_Male> But we truly try <Speech_Male> to be the best when it comes <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> to enterprise <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> scale, comprehensive, <Silence> <Advertisement> observability <Speech_Male> solution. <Speech_Male> And our focus <Speech_Male> has always been from the <Speech_Male> beginning to have all of <Speech_Male> these operators as a single <Speech_Male> application <Silence> <Speech_Male> So it's not <Speech_Male> an after the fact thought, <Speech_Male> right? Maybe have the advantage <Speech_Male> that we designed observability, <Speech_Music_Male> Planck observability, <Speech_Male> from <Speech_Male> the beginning, to <Speech_Male> rely upon telemetry <Speech_Male> and to be a single <Speech_Male> application, right? So it's not <Speech_Male> an afterthought, <Speech_Male> but we brought let's say <Speech_Male> APM and infrastructure <Speech_Male> monitoring together. <Speech_Male> And that's what <Speech_Male> makes it possible and <Speech_Male> allows us to deal <Silence> with the challenge <SpeakerChange> we described. <Silence> <Speech_Male> Well, <Speech_Music_Male> spurs,

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