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Nothing compared to the experience of going to this baby. It's in the heart of Miami, Little Havana. It's a great experience. I feel like I'm with family baseball game is very exciting. Miami Marlins baseball game This so much more exciting. You combine that with playoff team and you're talking about a city that's gonna fall in love with me. Experience the 2021 season lot visit marlins dot com slash tickets. Under the 2017 tax law. The standard deduction was raised to $24,400 for a married couple because of the limit of $10,000 for state and local taxes. More people are using the standard deduction instead of itemizing Rachel Cohn, CEPA and managing partner of a Cone, Cosette and company says this year if you and your partner are over age 65 you will each receive an additional deduction so they would get in next to 1300 each, which is another 2600. We had that to the 24 400. They're going to get a standard. Deduction. The sheriff $27,000 that is subtracted from the total income to come up with the taxable income. Joe Cohen says the standard deduction works out for some people. But if your state and local taxes are far in excess of $10,000, and you work in a state other than the one you live in the standard deduction doesn't work out well, particularly for people living in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and California. Malice stacked in Rossini. The following is a pre recorded program. You are entering the freedom Hunt a place Liberty and patriotism call home his Biden turning back to trump border policies. Plus the president waivers on P G A woke nous. And Hutchison's self immolation a shooting in Maryland. The media is not coming very much. And United Airlines pledges Maura Diversity in hiring shoulder to shoulder to come together. You'll tying to protect America is the Buck Sexton show. Buck Sexton joins us Now We're CIA analyst former NYPD intelligence officer. Now, Buck Sexton. The border is a mess. You know that very clear. Based on all the news stories that you can see on this, And if you just read the basic facts and figures or if you're really just understand the Democrats. View.

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