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Also what happened the climate freaks mention the fact that carbonated beverages are carbon it was she to are they going to for soft drink makers beer brewers and champagne makers out of business I'm guessing that we many many billions of dollars removed from the economy many tens of thousand jobs lost surely soft drinks it's Roger contribute way more CO two to the atmosphere then it counts well Mitch my man it's methane from the couch that's the problem it's not the CO two that they get get some so upset I love your show brother shields hi thank you Mitch my man I'm glad to keep you safe and warm on the road your drive around the country engage in commerce and capitalism for America how in this week's democratic debate how many candidates and how many times did they say that I am too ignorant to know how to spend my own money and who and how many times a day they say they knew how to spend my money better than me instead of adding to my government expense they're free to raise charity money for any because their passion about they are all very good at raising money for a cause why not apply that skill to fund charity from those that agree with them and allow me to decide how to spend my money Donald Trump may not be the most diplomatic person but he understands this simple concept built on freedom yeah man they want to take your money they think that they can spend it better than you that there are more qualified to make those determinations about capital allocation fancy way to say spending so yeah you're you're picking up your pick it up what they're putting down how and they want to pick up a lot more your money too which is not good Kristin rights trainable son is amazing you have to see it what's producer branded pick over here so what we think it it's great hi I've just seen so many zombie movies over the last my my lifetime whatever but this one was very creative it just was was special do you think the whole genre was used up but they are they found a new way to do it so I think I'm gonna see the joker moved away I thought you see that's more so I might make a I'm sorry it's I just like to go check it out I don't know what's going on with the joker and then we got T. J. C. joker but I'm not a midnight Toker Steve Miller right yes yeah the play my music in the sun I will keep doing this not a stock car TJ Bach if impeachment goes through how much obligation to centers have to be in DC three in charge of the hearings the Senate how long you think McConnell could drag it out I only ask because this could be a major thorn in the side for several Democrat presidential campaigns warrants Sanders clubs are harassed Booker they're going to punish us with process should we not be obligated to return the favor T. J. to the problem of trying to punish democratic processes is like throwing modded pigs they love the process they love wallowing in the bureaucracy so I I just don't think that that's going to work out I I wish that we have the same mentality of of abusing the various process she's out there but we we just don't I actually don't wish we had that mentality of just it would be nice if we could fight fire fire will be better but that's kind of where we are and if you don't I mean impeaching the thing is no one really knows how this will play out as a process because the Democrats are making it up as they go along so unless you can get a minor Nancy Pelosi and know what her next move is going to be tough to know what's going on Jonathan Bach I think your best impression is your pa Losi have always makes me laugh I've been following through with policy for awhile anyway thank you Jonathan appreciate that he also writes looking withdrawal from Syria and think it should be noted the Syrian Kurds YPG and Iranian Kurds are not all the same tomorrow at lord of the rings analogy it's like comparing the woodland elves to the river river Dale ones Riverdale ones is not now is river is the Riverdale elves now that's referred to as a place in New York is in Riverdale like Dawson's creek or something like referenda river river run or something like that I've actually never seen Riverdale is also show that's what I'm thinking of yes the show it so that's a kind of a teen drama easy right right right but it's also of a wealthy enclave of bill I believe a wealthy enclave technically of the Bronx yes I want another geography on the show today for the Bucks Accenture but yeah I I don't know enough about the the the comparison to make it your job then but thank you so much my friend was Michelle I'm glad policy policies can send you a big hug over the weekend okay president trump is total lunatic our great Greg writes Hey Bach long time listener here even long been at the top of my list for clear concise and comprehensive analysis without wasting time repeating the same points or puffing yourself up in the process thank you Greg for noticing that I do not I do know that there are some some hosts out there there's only one who I think has earned the right to always talk about how awesome he is we'll we'll know who that is and that's because he is the man but there are some other hosts out there who are I'm the best I'm amazing on the smart is up I I'll leave that to the people listening to determine how good or not good this show it's you know I don't need to tell everybody how good the show was because anybody was smarter listen to the show knows it's really good Cerro Greg writes in regard to assault rifles my preferred term is modern sporting rifle this term has been used widely are among the second in a community in a couple years ago the Washington examiner had an op ed on why this is the term that our side should adopt I'm included a link keep up the good work best wishes shields hi Greg Greg thank you I mean I I can see what you're saying and I appreciate the desire to use the term modern sporting rifle I just I don't think that the other side will play along with that one so we could just use different terms for the same thing and I don't I don't know where that ends up where that goes Sean the joker is not a super hero or super villain movie H. drive for a drama and weak as a horror film if you watch it expecting anything like a superhero movie you'll be severely disappointed it is literally a boring backstory movie only thing making worth while is when he is when he takes Robert De Niro out have you heard this that it's boring from anybody as the first someone doesn't like this the joker movie it might be the first I think I think that someone trying to get some people just don't like certain things why are you show sherry yes heath ledger's joker is really scary and really good at the same time I still like Jack Nicholson what's a lot it's just I don't know he was special that's the one I grew up on social at always in a place in my heart you don't like it at all or just not above heath ledger I mean he did a pretty good job I guess for what it was I mean that original Tim Burton Batman was pretty cool at the time it holds up reasonably well some of the action sequences are really pretty lame but holes of reasonably well I'd say yeah I don't know that's maybe I wish I could remember the actor's name from the Adam west river I think he's he's holding can base for one point is like for anybody else calls you beast their lungs out over that line classic so so just so that I spoilt where I just spoil jogger spoil joker oil joker it's one of our other producers ready anytime is nonsense nonsense I don't even know the other how guys what are the ending good point so anyway it is what it is all right I'll Ali rights or that Allie Allie Allie could be other your last thought his rights the Democrats used the Middle East to line their pockets is that a cause global chaos there's gun running are cool preview that Sammy what I love your show I listen to you on the I heart radio after news breaks and comes through the NBC fakes news though I hope or something you can do about that now unfortunately I don't news breaks on get the control number two I heard this morning there are seven million unfulfilled jobs are on fill jobs in the US trump should give the workers government plays a pink slip telling their jobs waiting for them in the private sector of Sammy be nice we could do that but it's not gonna happen because people tend to think that any shrinking of government jobs is terrible saying and really really bad and that's just sort of where it is so I wish it were true and there you have it our wish that were feasible I should say and I have area Jeremy your joker sounds a lot like your lives with war and I guess the similar personality shield tie and I'm not gonna I'm not gonna say I'm a sign off meaning that might member person nations as a because everyone of was born personality when she's really just for sure all the greatness of America's middle class by just taxing the you know one of the rich people crash Donnie my Daddy always told me that we take to flying pigs and you're thrown through the back door of an Oldsmobile you're just gonna have a picture in which makes no sense but who cares because Elizabeth Warren Smith ex step up as she goes along just keep ledger the joker everyone's a critic of the person is all right so we got it because of the freedom of this episode this time you have a couple of days of the week and not just to listen to the show and catch up on old shows but also be like Hey if your dinner party in the conversations lacking for hanging out the friend you got nothing to say for on a date and the lady or the guy is just not interesting enough for you to be like so there's a thing called the Buck Sexton show it's on iTunes or the I heart after anywhere you listen to podcasts download and listen to it that would be an early Christmas present and birthday present for me so please check that out and we will talk to you all on Monday she'll try.

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