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Texas is a beautiful time of the year. But, unfortunately, if you've lived here long enough, you know that this time of year, the weather can turn ugly Dany bows here from south west metal roofing systems. Don't wait for the ugly weather to find out you need a new roof. Let the pros at southwest metal roofing systems show, you the beauty durability and longevity of south west metal roof and with our twelve months same as cash financing, you can wait till next spring to pay for it. Call southwest metal roofing systems to two to sixty eight sixty eight or check out our website at us w metal roofing dot com. When you think Chevrolet think north park Chevrolet, San Antonio's, fastest growing Chevrolet dealership. Get the new twenty nine thousand nine hundred zero fifteen hundred Texas edition with a powerful five point three liter v. Eight engine towing package and power seat posted at thirty nine ninety nine plus get a fifteen hundred dollar rebate with GM financing and a one thousand dollar rebate for current GM owners or lease for two ninety a month with zero down more. The all new twenty one thousand nine hundred Silverado trail boss four by four equipped with a first-ever factory two inch suspension lift deer attrac- off road tires and blackout appearance package. Lease for three ninety nine a month with zero down fine. You wrote and experienced Chevrolet the north Parkway. A proud member of the Kanagawa goo just ten minutes outside four ten in Castroville or online at P Chevy dot com. Fastest growing dealership based on two thousand eighteen year over year retail sales fraud, you policing information CR ad in the Senate Tonio expressed news. Curie Lewis's fifth wife, dead said vicious and Kurt cobaine also Amy wino- Johnny cash. More disgrace land is a rock and roll true crime podcast stories about musicians getting away with murder and behaving. Very badly is available now hosted by me Jay Brennan. You can listen to disgrace land on the iheartradio app or ever you podcast. Listen to all episodes of disgrace lanes on the free iheartradio app. I'm with my clothes off. Most party fouls are pretty dumb. But if you decide to drink and drive underage,.

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