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In the control group here Again this was tumor incidents. What percentage of these little critters could they induce a tumor in k. And so if we look at these these little rats over here with the chemical complex. They were able to induce eighty-one percent of those little rats ended up with a tumor the rats that were given peptides before and during this process of inducement. That was what i think. It's thirty six. Let me see. Looks like it's not twenty six twenty six percent so it it dropped the Successful incidence of cancer inducement from eighty one to twenty six percent. And if you just sort of scan all the way down you can see that. There's a significant decrease in the vulnerability of these little animals if they were on a peptide beforehand. So here we have x ray radiation also little rats. Sixteen percent came down with cancer. Tumor three percent over the peptide tie. That's amazing and mrs using the peel and thymus of They used epithet woman yes. The they used the pineville epa talmon. They use the thymus Which in the natural form is called volanic and they use the vision peptides. There's a luton right right so so. I had this in there for the doctors because with kobe situation i couldn't bring a wealth. Let me back up. Only doctors are admitted to the clinical studies. Now doctors are about half of all the people in the clinton of study Four years ago when i was starting out The requirements to join the clinical. Study where you had to have a pulse. Okay okay. well here's the situation okay You go up there. It's you're looking for people to bring into the clinical study. And so i would go to people i knew for a long time because if you can imagine i come to you and i say you know i've got these hills. Are these capsules that were developed by the soviet union military in the cold war against the us. And i think they can do some pretty good things. Would you be willing to swallow these few years. Let's see what happens. I guess if you know a little about them then you go. Yeah sure well trillium sandia was real. Trust to all these being pretty much. All of them are dear friends of mine in family members and all that kind of stuff. Anyway i put this up because the physicians if they're in the clinical study they can use do use these peptides for their patients as well and since their food supplements they don't have a problem with the fda we couldn't get in enough of the lung or respiratory peptides during this year. Because of the kobe situation they use them very very successfully to regenerate the respiratory system of kobe patients. Okay let's get to t. lemaire now so there's those little in caps that i told you about onless chromosomes okay. We're not going to go through all this stuff. This is wonderful. Oh billy to look at The teal teal are the little light spots on the in Let's go through this These are just some american. Scientists who are are good people. I know them all until fourth and they are sort of defining here every time our cells. Divide this as A bill anders one of the real experts here in america the kilometers get a little shorter and every time they shorten our cells age. This is all about cellular aging one of the key things that we know now. Is that the health of a human is dependent on the health of.

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