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Armagan budget was one hundred forty million dollars to make in i don't know how to make five hundred and fifty three point seven million dollars in 1998 dollars so that is a ton of money as so it was considered an international box office success was obvious numbers despite generally getting negative reviews at the time of production at the time from critics lotta audiences and also a lot of the people who are involved in the making of his film and might as well get out of the way might as well chemical for the whole fell swoop this is the highest grossing film of 1998 suv we do any work 20year anniversary on this show this year this is the highest grossing one made more guarantor therefore making it the best well that's how that works or make more money yet you're the best okay okay why i saw well i was gonna say so to won the war with the other asteroid movie they cannot '98 exactly the other s removal of course talking about deep impact now yes a little bit of inside of that that came out two months prior to this movie yeah and it was about a giant asteroid taken over the earth or not crowd yeah it was a much more somber image more somber more kind of i guess realistic take on what what would happen if an asteroid suddenly was about to take out the earth and morgan freeman was that right now yeah yeah yeah it's a good movie army it's just the 90s were weird time man because you had a lot of that read have oh i was there don't worry volcano movies you know you had you know two giant astra destroying the earth movies one studio they'd be developing a script in the other one ruby like shit we gotta get the same movie out we're gonna get three months out early fuck and put a movie the other right now well oh what happened bola o o f we're back so hey spring those guys anyway haley a going them.

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