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I have a very random bjork story that I've never told that I think is kind of funny. That doesn't directly tie into post but I think it's funny. So this actually have the day that this happened it was may thirteenth thousand and eleven. was going to the Cobble Hill movie theater with a friend of mine. Because, we just wanted to see something stupid. We wanted to see bridesmaids opening night that it came out. And we're on this long line and Bjork, is in front of us. Online I'm like why your quasi? And like I, couldn't I was Kinda freaking out but obviously, I wasn't going to approach or try and talk to her anything. And I remember my friend was like what? What's going on where you like all nursing home. Workers in front of us and she's like. I'm like the one with blue hair who's writing down of us. I'm like whispering you're kind of screaming and I was like if she's going to see bridesmaids because there are only two movies playing, we have to sit next. This is I mean this is Jane. She did not go see bridesmaids. She saw the intellectual film next door. That ask what does bjork laughing. Sound. So, excited and then. This didn't happen to me, but a friend of mine in high school took a plane and was randomly sitting next to her. And he was right around the time of. Post probably when I was in high school and. He was convinced it was her but at the same time, he was like why? So random. Why would I be sitting next to your on this flight from New York to California and I guess about halfway through he had to ask he's like excuse me your bjork right and she goes sometimes. That.

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