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Well and what do you think jim brock marmot say about terry collins and one of his brutal you got a full set of knows here that's so old that it went by the weight i got founded jim brac meyer the subject of terry collins holy shit he really says terry collins right there i thought you were just looking around you want to read it at you brackman you want to try it i don't know that you do it it was just an awkward unhappy year last season for the mets terry collins looked like the stepdaddy knows about to be out of the picture and as soon as mom gets up the courage to pull the ripcord lots of silent car rides and avoided glances conversation conversation stopping as soon as he enters the locker room and now the mets are dating someone newer any younger in mickey callaway and i just hope for everyone's sake it's not a rebound thing they actually done alan rushton a little bit i was because i was sailing nice job when when voiceover legend says here do a voice you know a little bit scary so yeah i think that the the mets might actually and he seems like somebody who can actually nurture a rotation which is what they certainly need and also you know make the correct chess moves in the bullpen everybody needs but and then a whole lot of lock lipase boss yeah but at least we have a fighting chance we got one call here from a from player from player from a caller who's interested to know about.

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