Andy Dalton, Joe Dolan, Jimmy Garoppolo discussed on Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin


Last week i loved hearing where joe dolan the number one ranked fantasy analysts according to fantasy prose over the last five years i love hearing where he has. These rookies ranked whether it was trae. Lance or justin fields are kyle pits. As we talked about the quarterbacks and the tight end probably joe gonna do two weeks a wide receivers because there's going to be a lot of wide receivers and your rankings. I will say. I thought it was interesting. Joe there were some people on social media and joe's at f- underscored dolan the fantasy gangster. There's some people that really disagree with you. Which i thought was interesting because some people thought land should be higher and other people said. There's no way he's above golf. So i i guess if you've got people criticizing you both ways that you're probably in a good spot. Well ross when it when it comes to those rookie quarterbacks and obviously we're talking running backs today so don't wanna get into that too much. But i don't mind the disagreement at all. The fact of the matter is a and and i think i said it on the podcast last week if trae lance start fifteen games that rankings can look stupid low if trainline starts three games. It's gonna look stupid high so you have to try to balance a get in between And see see what kind of risks you're taking on if you're drafting in may which is what we're doing right now. We're doing best ball drafts. This is this is where these guys were going. You know. i ranked justin feels like six spots higher than trae. Lance and the reason is i think jimmy garoppolo is more likely to hold off trae lance for a time than i think. Andy dalton is to hold off dustin fields. That's not a slight against trae. Lance obviously the forty niners like the. That's why they drafted him at number three overall and i probably told the they were to come out and say john lynch shanahan trae lances are star week one evolves up the rankings. It's just a matter of measuring that risk and trying to mitigate it as we in a very uncertain time right now in may to grill good point nobody knows and so two fault you for your ranking is illogical unless anyone knows exactly how many games those two young men are going to play. You know now if you said. They're going to play six seventeen games.

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