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Your teeth to make a wider. Have you heard that that probably would work. Probably wow it even those black and color it would it does is it attract. I don't know the exact chemistry of but something about charcoal it attracts things and remove some wow so like any potential cons is to either putting this in your mouth or on your but can't think of any too much of it yeah but you can small small amounts of been and actually not a problem at all. Isn't it also also a hangover thing. Don't people use charcoal for that purpose do they. I thought that maybe I'm wrong. I've been wrong before charcoal. John's magic now charcoal is kind of magic yeah the ending on a it <unk> dark note. I guess there's an elephant graveyard in the film and I was reading that elephants don't usually go off and die in the same place like there wouldn't be an eleven graber yes it. Does that make sense. I'll just what you read okay so unsure. It doesn't seem like there would be such a thing right okay. I was like tombstones and stuff and say okay that makes a boat like I think that's where the hyenas where it was like you know like if <hes> which generally wouldn't be for elephants people don't hunt large amounts of elephants and you've been lines they would if they can get one they would do just be one right so I wouldn't see how they can all congregate yeah bunch of big bones. I mean somebody clearly just thought like man witness be cool. There's this idea that I've heard the concept of elephant graveyard oh I mean. I think it's a a sing that's been around. I don't know where got started listing okay well. I gotTa look that up or you you guys at home. Look it up and email me the origins of an elephant graveyard because I've just have have no idea and then I you know probably from a more proactive standpoints. I guess a lot of these animals are probably endangered or you know in in trouble because of Habitat Dis- you know take taking over the habitat and there's just not enough area these this kind of environment a savannah ecosystem requires very large areas for animals to Migrate Yeah Cause Dry seasons when there's a lot less water so so they had to migrate a lot further to get to water sources that becomes much drier so to get the food they'll have to travel around further and so by parceling up the African Seren Getty and Savannah General into like you know nations and cities and then Oh these are preserves naked live there only there yeah it's it has been very disruptive. While is there something we can do. Do you want to call out anyone. WHO's faulted is by name people humanity? It's humanity Orion..

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