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Hosted and beautiful. Soy Falls Falls. South Dakota falls thirty and slipped and falls. South Dakota tried to get a piece of soy ready. Get run out of town on that. The good news is they probably have some nice lean meats like elk bison up there so I would be willing to go back over to the dark side. This will be played over the dates of March seventh through March hand. Where we see South Dakota state plus one fifty the budged. North Dakota State Plus Three Twenty five of the Jack. Rabbits screwed me so bad. Was it like the past two years past oral robers plus four hundred South Dakota plus four fifty Nebraska Omaha plus seventeen hundred North Dakota plus twenty four hundred perdue four Wayne plus thirty five hundred Denver plus sixty five hundred. Come on man. Shawn's GonNa take North Dakota Stash check bison strong and now not only am I picking North Dakota state because home of the Great Carson Wentz Hash Ginger. Jesus I really liked what North Dakota state. I liked the brand of basketball. They they put together. I mean the summit conference. It's just basically every year. Is it North Dakota state or is it South Dakota State South Dakota's not beddoe? And that's that's why they're the favorite plus one female. Not South Dakota State South Dakota Oh South Dakota okay. Yeah at plus four fifty. I like North Dakota State. Does as far as play good defense? They're experienced team. Low turnover percentage. They've had a good record historically against. Sds You so those reasons and mostly because Carson Wentz went there that's why I'm really on Ndsu a decent price plus three twenty five. I'm backing him. There in back Vinnie Vinnie. Shaheed is a baller. He's a he's one of these classic. It's my guy and he's vinnie shaky. We could be in a sportsbook at the West Gate. Yell and Village. Aid as they cover or maybe eke out a early turney. It's more shot. Shot is up and down when this guy is the number one seed at plus twenty five. How much more do you need? Look they've lost. The South Dakota state year after year after year this year. I feel like the tide is gonNA turn. There's no Mike Mike. Tom Has gone. He graduated maybe he was the problem. You mean he was wearing. I know so now the theory that you guys. This isn't a very vision Chuck Jackrabbits. It's Kinda my style but yeah why not. They screwed me last year. Do you ever eat rabbit? I have seen rabbit eaten. Jackrabbit did watch Jack Wraps Jack Bob Cat and Jack Rabbit is it really different. Animal than the ravenous much really. I mean it's a larger rabbit. Okay well then that's basically the same thing. It's a star Cobi. No throwing up to twenty-five strong buddy. Yeah I'd say all right. So rabbits are kind of pussies jackrabbits get your closer Kangaroos. Hi I'm complimenting. His paint play throwing toss a combine digital combine. He made that forty five hundred digital plates. That's I know. Concern footage of kicking a soccer ball or something. You know clearly camera tricks. I I had the little one whole. Why would you not be kicking in the? Xfl Why would you not walk yourself down wildcats and go give me? I mean we even got an. I got the publicists over at the exit. We We have we have a commitment we've made to the DEGEN's only to make all this sweet sweet content okay And going off and being a pussy kicker and the xfl with any of my goals to be the greatest thing for the podcast not only to see you a succeed on the field. I know you're mostly a hiker and you don't participate in competitive sports but it would be awesome to have an inside source locker room for Information Data. And then. Hey every once in a while we morning you're gonNA miss one kick one key kick. That's all I need. One of the one of the people at the table played a real collegiate sport. Ooh Yeah Baby Rugby. We don't wear pads plus he's just because some leagues started the coming weeks ago. How does it mean you athleticism used early? What do we do we? Don't we done? We've done we Locked in Korean and I went and E. S. U. S. D. And so you feel like I did a lot of chalk this week. Yeah or tonight. Here chock master all right so now we're GONNA do a lock a dog which is a moderate dog but nothing crazy and then a degen's only that just goes completely off the Rail Ryan. I'll let you start. What is your. What is your lock? As far as part two of the Conference Tournament College Basketball. I think I think I'M GONNA Walk Up and what is that for the people at home for my dog? I we all kind of went there. But let's do. I'll tell you have the same dog. Relax and for my de Gines only play. I think like I said earlier. I think you're going to split your unit and then you're in a sprinkle a little bit. Anwar for half unit on Wofford Half Unit on Mercer Hedge Out of the East Tennessee state position. So you're giving me two teams for Wofford Mercer Wofford and Mercer Half Unit each at twenty four to one all right you can buy my hedge later Sean. Well maybe I'll head over to stop and pick that up for me. Okay call me what are you doing? What's your what's your best play. My lock is northern. I will minus one ten at smart my dog. I'm going to take it over to. Unc Greensboro plus four twenty five. I liked that squad and my my degen's only only I'm GONNA go. Let's go with I gave Bradley last year. I'm going to switch it up. Let's go Kobe very prepared for this moment. Let's go Go wofford yeah. It's a smart move. Yeah they got the new coach thing. Proving people wrong thing beat North Carolina. They suck this year. I don't know if that's something. You're you're looking to brag. I think there's plenty of value in North Carolina winning the ACC tournament. Oh He's not there yet. We're not sure next week I've got a couple Emails and Pages wondering if we're going to be doing any sort of contests for March madness. We do have some things scheduled right. People are wondering if those things are gonNA cost money or is it going to be generally. We're we're as they see. They see the industry and the trending the industry with pay walls and with these massive acquisitions have no fear de Gines. We're not going anywhere very up not yet at least not until someone brings the big the big bag money bags to bring trick up all right for my lock. GimMe Saint Francis. What's that plus one sixty? It feels like a locked to me for my dog like Byu but Ryan stole that sister. Gene is on the screen. She's awesome to party with in the dorm look healthy this is a year ago. She's a hundred years old. The fact that you're alive means you're healthy China. Herpes SORTA. Yes you think. College students head over to get Roman dot com seeping treated in person interview since urging just skype in a freshman dorm airborne herpes. She does the The the rubber rubber shoes in the shower. I guess you know. Get some young young freshman to hold her up. Cut Cut no. We're not coming out. Let's get Outta here. Pick something Sean fairleigh Dickinson fifty to one is my Hashtag de Gines. Only play right Dickenson plus fifty plus fifty to one. That's.

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