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K. E. R. T. dot com. I didn't think of this before, but I was you know I was GonNa. Ask about your people in manufacturing. It's every everybody's talking about all that my impression and this is another preconceived notion from an American of English. Society and European Society in general is that you have a a tradition of a caste system? My impression is if your family was a bricklayer father, you know bid son is not expected to. Be a doctor like you're just you. Sort of are what you are. Is that true or is that? Is that changed? Of course owner, no family businesses it if I. IF I had the machine job, Mike Kids would follow him steps, but I have a sixteen year old. Continue wants nothing to do with manufacturing. It's probably has been ever aggressive. Trying too hard to I'm not even talking about the trade I'm talking about like a class. A class of people like Oh, we're. We're working class. We don't yeah, we're we're we're? We're not one of them. You know and people say. Say Oh in Europe in Germany, and in Switzerland the people they go into the trades in value the trade so much or whatever and it's true, but at the same time. I wonder if that's just because while my dad was working in a factory, and that's what I know and that's what we do versus you know. They're well respected in society. How do you see that? In England I mean you must be around that all the time, so you see that. As a seaway again. Trees it's getting much better me. you mentioned Germany? You see a doctor. To Engineer Jim in. Is the top of the trying. And over here will always do my it friendship, the opposite of the Ryan friends will. Genia really united even at engineer, even engine that I was thinking more like a machine store whatever? Wasn't seen in a pulse. Leoncio Nancy show. Yeah. Ongoing back on! Old I look at. Again back twenty five years along. whereas. It's going full circle. Now think it's quite aspirational job. The appreciates looking for haughty quantifying people even school college. was once upon a time. That wasn't the case they want. They won't good good people. People Applied Apple's songs technology. Sh- mass a mess, so yeah, it's a good point. guy. States have engineer engineers. If you like going to university and get a an engineer degree. Oh, no, that's that's seen as pretty a very admirable profession. That's seemed like that for a long time I was just more considering thinking about you know somebody working in a shop now I go for engineering that's considered pre set glamorous, but I mean it's considered very respected you. It's not easy to get into an engineering school. Now if you if you take saying saying machine view, it's too good job. It's clean job than you would expect. imagine this can be at came over. The war is in the US, but it used to be to job. Note on wooded to jog. Money's good. Lot Money's saints machinist in the UK. Average machinists good money. Good machine estimates hostage by the. Do you think people put their nose up at it like? inside the governments. There was a time when they did not I believe it was slightly making Because of Brandon. With made netted. It is no no, I. I buy because the videos are cool yet. We young people clearly not wedding dates. He claims the manufacturing facilities to eight nine tonnes China a clean where in safe environments it, you know they look appealing. Survey, window is ten years. When you talk about without paying, say these noise clean working environments so with John Abbott clearly other people doing so it was wild through lesser extents, but yet it seems much bad once lost..

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