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Straight up pistons, well, they were everybody was congregational or what we think of as congregation since it was a theocracy back van in order to be a part of decision making and government, you had to be a member of the government was kind of a theocracy. Yes, it definitely was. And so back, then I church had this policy that only those with genuine certified conversion experiences. You know what we call today born? Again, we're allowed to be baptized. And so as families developed in this new Boston town, they naturally wanted their children, their babies their children to be baptized, but I had this policy. No, they couldn't be baptized until they had a conversion experience, that was certified by whatever church body. So as a result. A lot of families found that their meme their children were not being baptized. So when you say I churches in the building, or the people that the first recognized church in Boston was called first church, both the building, and the people, both the building and okay. And then, you know, second church came out of a natural expansion to the north. We know it now as old north church. But it they've since merged and moved and so forth. The second church to just was there Davidson opinion. It was that was pure expansion. Okay. They needed space. Seconds, richest means another. Yes, but that's how they were called I hurt a second church. And then when twenty eight dissenters from first church argued that no, we should be able to baptize children. And so. They petitioned first church to be released to create their own church that would allow that to them of their children as though there was a two groups now. Didn't all? At that point, they stuck with the you need the avid transformative experience people said yet, don't so there's this these two belief systems operating simultaneously. Well, I wouldn't say simultaneously because at this point. The twenty eight who were considered the centers were basically, ostracized. They were said, you, you know, if you don't agree with us you we're not gonna let you go. And, and you can't. So basically you can't leave and we don't buy, which so forget about it. Okay. When these dissenters part of the move to go to the third. Church. They petitioned there were actually to church councils in which they petitioned to be released to form a new church that would be based on this new ability to baptize children and the first two councils said, no they kept petitioning, it finally went to a council at the magistrates being theocracy this civil magistrates also had to approve a new church. And finally, they agreed by vote of eight to six with the governor being against it to allow this thirteen to form of these twenty eight to centers who, by the way at that point, where all men had to be pretty expensive. I mean, look at the thing who paid for it who paid for what the jerked. Well, are you talking about the back bay church or the back bay act? The back bay church by that point. What became old south church? It was I called south church. And then when another church became established in the south part of what was considered Boston than than we became old, south church, and then in eighteen seventy five when the church moved to the back bay, we were for while called the new old south okay who paid. Well, it, it actually the property around the old south meeting house was subdivided. There were stores developed on it. There was eventually an eighteen storey office building, so they collected rents and leases, and there was a group called the old south society that provided much of the financing for the church itself. Who made up the society? Well, that's, that's a tricky question, because because of the way the deed, Mary Norton deed, was written. It was deeded directly to ten of the dissenters, so they became the old society, plus people who were considered puke proprietors back, then you could pay a lease or pay rent to buy acute. Right. And so you by buying pew you became part of the really that in the museum church. Yes, because there are actual boxes little doors. Plaques of names. Yes. Exactly. And many New England churches operated that way where the repu boxes where families.

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