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Hillary Clinton. She hired a foreign spy who had sources in Russia, probably Russian intelligence officers themselves to dig up dirt on Donald Trump and then to spread it around the American media. Clinton spokesperson Nick Merrill called this allegation baseless. B s right. Clinton on is that he didn't know at the Russian allegations against Clinton were 100% true, But these notes, especially the notes from Brennan. Yeah, The Brandon and his notes were, well the verdict to the very compelling, very damning and and that's why they pushed this impeachment thing in the Russian collusion so much because there were so many people at the top. Well, they tried to take down a political opponents using the national intelligence agencies. You know it. I know that. Ah, lot of people might go. God, not again, Please. No more of this. But the fact is, the fact is, is that it just can't just kind of go away with no kind of criminal activity happened yet. That's right trees and happened here. Some prices need to be paid here. Somebody needs some heads. This was a coup attempt. Yes. Somebody there needs to be felony charges there. There has to be a conclusion to this has to have all the millions of dollars have been spent, and in the time spent into it. It all. It all needs to mean something. I think that proves 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt that Clapper and Brennan lied under oath. Yeah. I s O is something, whatever whatever it turns out to be, it has to be brought to its conclusion. And that conclusion has to mean something. Let's go to James on the tide of Don show this morning, James guys, You know what this new information Gonna shine a light on the last four years of how the Democratic Party and the media have treated trump and it turns out, it's going to turn out that they were as much Knowledgeable and basically conspired with Clinton's in order to do what they done on the speaker of the House. Schumer ship, all of them. They all had knowledge of what was going on. Oh, they had evidence they could remember James. Remember when they said they had all of this hard evidence of collusion against Trump? Well, they never did. They lied. They lied under oath, James to the American people. And you know, I I look, I have to ask you guys, how can I allow a police officer to arrest me? How can I go before a judge and be prosecuted for anything? When they left? They all lead us the privilege. Get away with what they're getting away with. It gets it gets to court. You know, you're absolutely somebody people need to be indicted and they need to be prosecuted and convicted in this or else it'll happen again. 7 41 here, Okay. LBJ taught him don show..

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