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Twelve thirty mostly cloudy right now very humid eighty one degrees in Boston going up just a few more to about eighty three. Today traffic and weather together coming up this newscast is, brought to you by Toyota's official website for deals buyatoyota, dot com, a Tuesday afternoon I'm Tina Chow WBZ news our top. Story at, twelve thirty police are actively investigating a triple shooting and Madda pan that left one man dead, at the scene to injured the shooting happened a block from Boston's be three police station police were called the Deering road just before ten. O'clock this morning that's off blue hill avenue Commissioner William grow says a motive is? Still unclear whether it's gang related or not we. Can ask the team that yet active investigation but preliminarily it does not appear to be random officers on the scene found three men in their late twenty suffering from gunshot wounds again one victim was pronounced dead at the scene police are. Asking anyone who. May have seen or heard something about This incident to call homicide detectives immediately police in Andover have restored access. To main street following a crash involving a sanitation truck in an SUV traffic was. Detoured as police. Tried to clear that scene. No word at this point on injuries although pictures from the scene show extensive damage to the front end of that SUV other top stories today. A terror investigation is underway in a UK after a car rammed into pedestrians and cyclists before crashing into a security barricade this. Happened outside of parliament during. The, morning rush hour, the suspect was arrested immediately and police a he acted alone. No weapons were found inside the vehicle and he's, currently not cooperating with police the suspect is in his twenties he drove, his Ford Fiesta into security barriers and injured several people CBS. News, correspondent Vicki Barker is on the c. one minute a.

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