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Lights over bridgeport morning in Chicago. That is our guest today. Earliest Johnny Hamlin. The lead vocalist and guitarist is so. Let's go ahead and get to that interview. Rock and roll man awesome. Well welcome Johnny Hamlin of lights over Bridgeport to pump pumpkin pizza podcast. It's so great to finally talk to you. Yeah I do I Like we don't know each other and I feel like you're the best guy that I don't know which. Which like you know a little bit like anything about that because that's supposed to be my reputation but it's so funny because that's exactly. I was going to say that's exactly how I feel about how I would describe you like I. We will ever. I've seen you in person in real life but we've never actually had a face to face conversation but I've seen you at shows and I'm like oh I know who that is that's Johnny and he seems like such an Awesome Guy. Well that is very flattering dude. But I'm I'm super still could be on and get a chance to to chat with you. I know we've talked a little bit. You know just like through the Messenger and all that so yeah Thanks for having me on men's incredible. It's been a crazy you know few weeks but certainly a crazy forty eight hours. I'm ban so yeah right. Well you know releasing new music and a time like this is just it's crazy it's like really good but it's like really bad all at the same time right man like You know I had really weird feelings about it like when I started kind of realizing what was happening in the world and realizing that we were on this three much like unavoidable pathways to like intersect with you know these world events with like the release of Art Music and I like I said I felt weird about it but you know just like with immediately redeem when you know I kinda connected with a few friends and ratifying but certainly when when stuff started to kind of trickle out their responses than overwhelmingly positive and it's becoming really cool to be able to To offer something to someone during a rough time so that is really Rad. I agree so wh when was the moment that you you're starting to have second thoughts. What what was the like witch cove in nineteen announcement is making you second? Guess yourself on on releasing or the band I guess the you know the band reconsidering possibly moving the date. Well you know what to be honest man. We never really had an option of a re re moving the date because the moment that you're asking me about honestly game after everything was locked in I think the last thing that I did was like.

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