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Acer, Bobby Miller, Gainesville discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News


Nine eighteen in Washington traffic and weather together on the Acer's Bobby Miller in the WTOP traffic center in Gainesville on Linton hall road that's been closed by demonstrators north of Rawlins Ford road up to twenty nine for the moment I believe north on twenty nine may be affected and temporarily stopped at Linton hall road in Gainesville on sixty six there is rolled work tonight east bound as a passive Fairfax county park we had toward route fifty getting by single file to the right and R. sixty six west for the belt way out to Nutley street single right lane is getting past the work zone and then after Notley toward one twenty three another works on we get by in two lanes to the right on ninety five in prince William county north bound very slow into the works on south of Dale city around the car rest area getting buy one lane to the right southbound three ninety five a Duke street two left lanes get by the works on without the land around the beltway in Maryland and Virginia no incidents or delays report clear sailing on fifty out of the bay bridge ninety five Baltimore Washington parkway each doing all right and some bone to seventy after one eighteen of the Walken's Millender chains are working on getting by the left past the work zone Johns Hopkins medicine in the greater Washington area celebrates cancer survivors during national cancer survivors month to learn more visit Hopkins cancer DC dot org obviously WTOP traffic out of storm team four meteorologist Megan draper will have dry conditions out there on this historic night with lows in the mid to upper fifties in increasing clouds mostly cloudy tomorrow maybe an isolated shower.

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