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Because you are. In a very, very desirable market and growing very fast and. You've got a really strong brand. Is there a world where you could see an exit like that? I can't call that. In this moment, I'm very attached to my name. I think I can never say Lake Norman Zebra me and Robin and said, here's a chick for five hundred, million dollars. We. Don't know what that feels. That could happen. You know I. I can't honestly sit here and say to you knowing that that's intergenerational wealth knowing just the basic principles of compounding interest at a very low interest rate of what that will do for the legacy of our children our grandchildren, our great great great, and also tropical. For the community that we want to support, you can't rule that out. I can't have it out but I think that we can probably safely say. I mean I think it's hard for us to envision one because our personal is not for sale. So that's a that's a little tricky, but also the brands that we create. Each of those brands has a very powerful. Message behind them and like Andrei don't that don't belong that don't belong to US necessarily we see ourselves as the stuarts the purpose behind them. So if any exit or any acquisition, you know there would have to be some very strange stringent agreements behind that. I don't know that we can really think of any large wine companies that will be. In a position to to acquire what we think those are worth that would be able to pull the mission behind each of those brands not saying that it would never would happen. But I would I would probably say it would be now or anytime soon. I can't stop thinking about. Your Dad and what he would think about all this. How you got to this place Because so much of the story is unbelievable. I mean you didn't know the other sister existed. And then. You know once you're both grown up you eventually meat and then you form this incredible bond. And now you've built this highly successful brand. I just have to imagine that that your dad if he was sitting here right now. He which speed blown away. Well quite quite honestly, and now I'm speaking as a sister who never actually got to know him at all but from what I know of him I, don't think that he would have expected anything less from US I think that he also dreamed very big. You know he came from a very, very small and I say small like five hundred people or something country town in Alabama moved himself to Hollywood and became a part of that scene and an actor and. Everything that was kind of wild going on in Hollywood in the seventies and eighties and You know my my my understanding of him and my interpretation of of him is that you know sky's the limit like you you can and should do you know whatever you set your mind sue. So in my mind and I've thought about that before my mind I. Think I. Don't think he'd be surprised I think that if he was in our lives, he would have expected that we've done at least what we've done. Yeah and I think I think the context of. Our family has family of. His generation you know. Camden Alabama. You know our grandparents, our aunties and uncles our father picked cotton thir- sharecroppers. And I know in their lifetime. Never thought that they would see a black president I know that. So like Robbins said I think you know he dreamed really big expected this of us, but I think the expectation also comes from all of our family. In terms of what they did during the sixties and the fifties and love the things that they fought four so that Robert and I do what we do today. They must be so proud of trust US anti enemy is very proud. You can't go to her house without her pulling out Zine and telling you let me tell you anybody who listens to knock challenge her about her nieces but it is very true in our you know our aunts and our data was the youngest of like twelve. I think. So it's a very, very long generations. You know they grew up in rural Alabama just outside of summer. So you know they did they walked the Edmund Pettus Bridge, they were involved in the civil You know demonstrations and movements, and we're not unaware of of how close we are. You know and how our roots are. So intertwined with you know all of this this history and that we're we're not far from where all of it started so. we're in we were in agriculture. Back in agriculture. Like the history of black people in America is grounded in in Agriculture Andre and I actually have a photo were able to go and visit the the plantation house where our great grandparents were enslaved and where our father was born in the back and in the small house in the back. And I think that you know like his journey in life to move on from a lot of that difficult history was for the purpose of on his children Andrea and I being able to do something like exactly what we're doing. How much of of this story and and the success of this business you attribute to just your hard work and your intelligence, and how much do you think has has to do with luck for St Robin. I was ten, ninety, nine percent of it is our hardworking intelligence. And then there's a small percentage that I think is what people might refer to as luck but I really think it is your ability to recognize opportunity and take advantage of it. Same thing I feel like it's It's hustle. It's hard work, but it's smart hard work. In it's being able to identify opportunities when when other people don't are maybe can't see those opportunities to see it. Yeah, and then I think in terms of luck I don't know if I believe in Luck I. Think I think you. You prepare yourself you're ready and then if if an opportunity presents itself, then you're the right person the right place of the right time. To stay ready. Yup Stay Ready. That's entree McBride John and her sister Robin mcbryde. By the way in addition to the McBride sisters, collection and Black Girl Magic Brand Robin Andrea have launched a third brand. It's a collection of four can't wines AROSA SAUVIGNON BLANC and a couple of spritzers. It's called Pecan and some of the money from sales goes back to a scholarship program for small businesses owned by black women. Robyn and Andre. Two of those winds are dedicated to their mothers and the other to. Their daughters. Thanks.

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