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Million the first year and with an opt-out forty five million in the second year with an opt-out and then twenty million or something like that in the third year so basically this dude is make eighty five million in two years. Opt out and do it again. He's gonna wind up like if he has a good season year to top five mp in cy young year to wettest easier said than done. One is only cy young in a very short season but a good pitcher. His seasons go from solid middle to high rotation piece to ace. That's his range and if he is he happens. Have one is better years in your to and does it again. Who make one hundred seventy million. Sorry what did i say yeah. He'll make one hundred seventy million in four years. Watch sign the same deal again. maybe more. Maybe we'll make one hundred eighty million dollars in four years not too shabby and he's joining the best team in baseball. Giving them the best pitching staff in baseball. And they're the defending world series champs. He's from l. a. Not too shabby meantime. Lebron james doesn't like the idea of an all star game and let me tell you that the the max kellerman show is presented by progressive insurance warriors mavs on abc. Espn radio tomorrow night. And i think luanch we'll be in his own. Get in the zone is brought to you by autozone getting zone autozone and now. I can tell you that i've done that. That lebron james doesn't like the idea of an all star game one that you hear it straight from the horse's mouth. I have zero energy and zero excitement about an all star. Game this year I don't even understand why we're having all star game short off season for for myself. My teammates with seventy one days and they come into the season You were told that we were not having all star game so we had a nice little break five days from a fifty two. You know an opportunity for me to kind of recalibrate for the second half of the season my teammates as well some guys in the league and then they throw all star game owners like this and and just brakes that all the way up so pretty much kind of a slap in the face. Look when deanne fox yesterday said it was stupid. The league i thought young player. Come on the and you're young. You're not playing deep into the playoffs. What's the problem. But then when lebron says that ago not only do i go. brand carries a lot of weight. And he's been a very good partner with league as the players in the league of have really been good partners throughout this pandemic. But then i also thought like wait a minute. Lebron has a different set of interest in the an fox. A players union represents a lot of people in different points of their life before they families and have made money older players. You know mortgages who haven't gotten superwealthy superwealthy players who have brands to consider like there's all kinds of stuff going on and here's an issue because we're only talking very good players here because it's an all star game that both a young guy is not gonna play into the postseason. An old guy just want a championship predicted to win. Another one are united saying or both. Feel the same way like this is a bad idea. So that's one thing what's going on in the players union. Because i've heard chris paul pushed for this and if chris paul pushed for how is lebron not aware i understand the unions not a model if they don't all think exactly the same but there seems to be a real schism here in the union. Now now lebron says they were told there wasn't going to be an all star game. The league came out and said that's not true. We never said there wasn't going to be an all star game. I don't think lebron's lion. He's not a liar. So that's some bad communication between the league and lebron james. But we haven't heard seen a hiccup like this from the nba a while throughout the pandemic. They were almost showing off. How how well they were getting along and how they were getting it. I think more reporting has to be done here. There's more than meets the eye right. Can we play this or are we gonna take calls here rogers play. Who's dumber than max. We have to change the name. Because no one's let's take big rob one to talk about lebron the all okay go ahead robin california. What's what's up. What's up max. I just to say. Hey first of all. I like you a lot. 'cause you speak your mind when nobody else does. I let what time you said that. The brunt wasn't the greatest player in the world but you took effect and that hurt me all right right now. I'm i'm i'm calling in because everybody else says that. Lebron james is kings to me. He's not the q. Isn't great enough. all right. this is big raw from inglewood. Obviously say who asked you. Hey katie is back maybe well okay well okay. Let me say one thing about k. d. k. Deal have chances here. It's not fair to say he's been better than lebron in the past in the regular season he had one or two that were better than lebron's but by the end of the playoffs you can't put an mvp on a seventy three win team and say oh. He won finals. Mvp better than lebron. That's not true. If this year takes a brooklyn team past lebron's lakers now we can talk back. Max okay. Lebron james lead his team and go joint two of the top ten players in the lead so it was a championship. Mvp who who those top ten players. Oh my god at when he went to the heat the miami hold on a second hold on a second. You're right you're right when he went to the heat. But but there's a difference between joining two other top ten players in weight and bausch and coming together to form voltron which seemed like a competitive like ridiculous advantage right there. That's one level and lebron was criticized for that. It's a whole other level for to join forces with the team. That just beat him. That just one. Seventy three games. There's no guesswork. We already know. The warriors were a juggernaut. When you add any mvp caliber player to bat warriors. Team that's even two point. Oh of what lebron did that's anti-competitive even in a different way than lebron. So i hear what you're saying but is there an equivalency between what k. d. with the warriors lebron with the heat no lebron. They have paved the way but k. D. took it to a whole new level. Now that's why i think. He deserves enormous. Praise for going brooklyn. Because okay this didn't prove it to people watch this and he formed his own team of court by by the way of course. He has great teammates. No one wins a championship with the team. But it's totally different saying. Hey let's grab james harden kyrie irving me. See if we can do this. That's a whole different thing. And he'll deserve all the credit in the world for doing it versus steph and clay and trae. Igwe dollar have already won a championship. They followed that up with seventy three wins. They beat my team but then couldn't get over the hump of lebron james. So i'm going to join them and create a team that no one can ever be no no. That's that's a whole other level by the way we've got you covered all sunday night right here on. Espn radio coverage of the chiefs. Box starts with a special edition of barton. Seven to nine. Am eastern and continues all day long and after the game. Join jason fitz..

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