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Davies this is for my my question you were talking about California's aiming really to create a prison to school pipeline to lower recidivism and some researchers in the in the shows that that can be done by improving the opportunity for those who are incarcerated or have been incarcerated to find their way into a pathway to education we have this minutes run kind you with us our education reporter for the California report and Rebecca silver who is director of corrections to college California and Terrence Williams and Charlie provoked on on and who were both essentially incarcerated in different ways tears in the juvenile system Charlie in the land the prison system Charlie you were just released pretty recently which yeah I was released in June of two thousand nineteen so so you have to get used to that after twenty two years of the world that was so in many ways I'm sure alien and like entering a different universe different Cosmo's yeah it was it was definitely a little challenging in the beginning I'm I'm starting to get a hang of some stuff but not all stuff is still there's still a lot of stuff that I'm I'm trying to learn and navigate and it's but it's it's you know it's it's a fun experience it's new it's it's something that is out of my comfort zone and you know I just I just enjoy it because it it's something that helps me grow you've got a great attitude so both both human Terence have very good attitudes which will help you and and help whatever the stigma stigma may be Rebecca was going to ask you about that because it's a problem for many years now it is it is and that I will never forget the story of one particular student who said I felt like I walked on campus and there was a neon sign on my head with a flashing arrow saying you know inmate Valen not worthy and one of the reasons that it's really important to think about that is it's great to talk about college in prison right it's a it's a very popular subject right now pal makes it a big national issue but if we don't talk also about what happens after prison were doing people a disservice because people come out thousands of people every month so it's a both providing higher education access in prison and also on campus I will say that the California committee colleges have really stepped up just as they have for the inside work you know in addition to rebound prior to twenty fifteen there were a couple of college Santa Barbara City College had a great program Shasta did continent to start a program but since then I believe there's about thirty community colleges that are opening programs and student support active and explicit and public a student support programs because look you know mass incarceration was real we have millions upon millions of Californians who have been in prison OR jail or they have their families have and if we can't start talking about it and removing some of that statement but nothing before it is a state this will also I know want to be independent financially and there's a real challenge there to put it mildly to sustain the programs that exist and create more programs here's a listener who writes in California we spend more than eighty thousand dollars each year to keep one person in prison while we charge nearly as much to send a kid to college over cal state LA even as to where they have this program that's happening quite figures I seen about twelve thousand dollars per student yes that's what the folks who run it have told me so it is expensive and and they're looking for sources new sources and so forth here's a student I'm gonna go to you with this if I made Terence's sis a woman Monica who tweets and says I have a twenty one year old niece without a high school diploma who is currently struggling in a dead end job she feels angry has low self esteem I want to encourage you to look into community college but coming from a mainstream adult this information could seem insulting have any advice for her any advice you have to be ready find something that she wants to do about getting your high school diploma or GED is the first that I felt like she would get out of that depression after she get a high school diploma GED and star seemed different doors and different avenues open it so you just encourage her move ahead exactly move ahead that's really what it comes down to never give up you might not find your niche right now but if you keep going you'll find your niche I know how it is to be depressing but in order to get out of depression you have to move you have to keep going your heart has to believe you are asked to feel and think of goals yeah exactly yes Sir let me get a call or board here we go first to Mike Mike you're on the air yeah Hey yeah thank you for having me so I just wanted to provide a quick commentary on these programs clearly there's a lot of data and evidence report they will absolutely reduce recidivism I just want to briefly share my story so off childhood I grew up in a rough neighborhood brought up in and around and.

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