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Sitting right in use its lab. Basically at that point, so it wasn't really like he had a free lane to run day. Whose was whose fault was that? Because obviously the Olympics, Okay, just throwing that ball away. It's in fact, it sounded like Haven't rewatched that play, but it sounded like maybe on the other side was Wilson and that's where he should have gone and additionally But then, once that kind of dried up, he should have just gotten rid of the ball, thrown it out of bounds of this chanting and said he should have thrown it to him on the sidelines. And he's a guy you can. You can always tell Kyle Shanahan. He's a he's always wide open. And generally, when the offense is out there, he's throwing his arms up in disgust, so he's pretty easy to pick. That is the guy he should've thrown into mad. Have a great great holiday season. Merry Christmas. Look forward to talking to you in a few weeks. Okay. Sounds good. Having me Maddie would talk to you Sunday. Brighten early. Niners cowboys pregame breakfast with with Naoko. Take it easy matter. Okay, That's it for the rewind. Brent Brennan, Matty Naoko on KNBR today. Coming up next Some final thoughts, including maybe a label that is unfair on one corner current 40 Niner on while we speak about that current 40 Niner we need to check in on his air quotes, injury. I'll explain all of this coming up next on the sports leader. Oh, girl. What are you doing to keep your nose clean. After all the nose is your body's air filter the first line of defense against airborne diseases. I'm Martin Hoke and I invented Lavash. The powered suction knows cleaner. Nevada's cleans your nose by flushing out allergens, mucus, dust and germs, including dangerous infectious germs. So, with all the horrible stuff in the air now is the.

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